I need tips to keep dog house warm this winter

christie_sw_moNovember 14, 2008

What works well to put on the floor of a doghouse to keep it warm? My dogs pull blankets out, then they get wet from the dew, rain, snow etc. I used a dog bed one winter that they couldn't pull out but it gets wet anyway from the dogs tracking in and out of the doghouse. Is it better to put nothing in there? It doesn't seem like it would be very warm in there if there's an icy blanket frozen to the bottom of the dog house.

I haven't posted here before. I have two Shelties. One is a pup. They both sleep inside at night, but go in and out quite a bit through the day.

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Depending on how destructive your dogs are, one of the two sites below may have what you need.
If you're not wanting to spend a lot, then hay is probably the next best product. Don't know how much may end up in your home tho!

Heat panels are probably the safest but you may have to run the cord thru a conduit/pvc to protect it from the dogs.


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I use straw.You can get it at a farm supply store.Ask for straw hay.There are different kinds.Most bales of hay would be alfalfa or some other type of feed hay.This is a grass hay.Put several inches in the floor of the dog house.Just be careful it doesn't come in contact with any heat source.Your dog will burrow down into it and stay warm.

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Using straw is good---using hay is not. Hay has seeds/leaves which can get caught in the dogs coats---and Shelties are difficult enough to keep combed out. Hay can also trigger allergies/skin irritations.

Easy enough to fluff into the dog house---and blows away if the dogs pull it out.

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A nice thick chunk of carpet nailed or glued down. We also used one of those clamp on lights with the big aluminum shield and a 40 to 60 watt bulb up in the corner and attached firmly. None of our animals ever broke the bulb, they treated it like it was..a source of warmth. Route the leadin wire where they can't chew it. Maybe run it through a small pv pipe. Hang a piece of heavy material over the door to keep out the cold. The dog will love the light and heat of the bulb. In cold winter nights we set two of them up inside just in case one of them burned out. Generally used the lower wattage bulbs in that case. Two 60 watters would get it too hot probably.

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You're correct handymac.........I should have said 'straw'. I thought about it while typing and then ended up typing 'hay'!

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Shelties are already ready a thick fur coat. And if there are two of them, they would cuddle up together to keep warm.

As long as the dog house is elevated/insulted off the ground and provides a good wind break, they really shouldn't need anything else to keep them warm.

As you have discovered they will just pull anything out that you put in there...

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Go get a bale of clean straw - around $15 depending on where you live. Go to an industrial area where they use pallets and ask someone for a pallet that will fit the inside of your dog house. Go to a carpet remnant place and get yourself a piece of carpet that wont cost too much, maybe a couple of pieces. Put down some straw, put the pallet on the straw, tack the carpet onto the pallet, add more straw (you can also place straw around the outside of the dog house, this will help insulate as well, when you put it outside, wet it down so it does not blow away, it will kind of knit together and be more permanent. You can also use newspaper, which is an excellent insulator (ask Dolly Parton) I have a friend who use to stick newspaper in her jacket when riding in the winter in Switzerland, she said it worked wonders. Clean out the dog house ever other week, replace what you need to. Good luck and kudos to you for thinking about your dogs comfort in inclimate weather.

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Sorry to take so long to get back to this thread and thank you for your suggestions. It was 15 degrees this morning so that made me think of it again. My nine year old Sheltie has VERY thick fur. The puppy's fur is getting thicker but I don't think she'll have a heavy coat until next winter.
I don't think I could trust the puppy not to chew on the heated pad. Otherwise that thing sounds wonderful. I will at least put some straw in their doghouse and we have an old pallet we can use too. I want it to be warm enough so that they wouldn't freeze if they accidentally got left outside for some reason.
Thanks again. : )

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another thing, the dog house shoudl be no bigger than required. you want jsut enough height for them to stand, and jsut enough room front/back/side to side for them to turn around. any larger and the heat they produce is wasted. if possible put the opening so that it faces away from the wind and cover with a flap.

hay or straw makes no difference, IF you don't mind weeds coming up next year!

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