Some gremlin dumped a load of sediment

TurbogusSeptember 27, 2012

Greetings all,

Well since moving into this home in June we've had sediment issues with our city water. At first I thought it might be accumulation in my hot water heater but as of last night we're on our 2nd kitchen faucet where we use primarily cold water. Water's flowing fine from the shutoffs but somewhere in the crevices of the wand type kitchen faucets the dark and white sediments (up to 2 mm) seems to cause a stoppage. Our bathroom faucets have caught this sediment in their screens as has our shower but they're easily cleaned up.

We have an accessory filtered water spigot at the kitchen sink that flowed very slowly, changing out the filter last night for the 1st time since move in revealed dramiatically increased flow. I imagine if I hacksaw open the filter it'll be packed full of this dark and the white colored sediment.

Is there such a thing as whole home water filtration for sediment collection? If so how practical would such a system be? Other options?

Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid for your responses

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The simplest solution is a big blue cartridge filter with a valve on each side. Better, two of them, plumbed in parallel, valved such that you can run both simultaneously or either one on its own while you change the filter cartridge in the other one.

I actually prefer this variety with a clear case so I can see what is accumulating:

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I've learned from Bradford White that from my serial no. it was mfd. in Dec of '96. Given it's age and lack of care (the P.O. was very advanced in years) I'm guessing that this h/w is at the end of it's service life. We're addressing a gas line right now that the P.O. partially covered when they roughly built a porch in the back yard, since the gas co is flipping out we may ultimately go with a gas W/H depending on what we learn in the meantime.

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