Height to hang curtain rods in room with varying ceiling height

hydrangea98April 10, 2013

Please help! I am putting up curtain panels in my living room but am facing a dilemma as to what height to hang my curtain rods. The source of the problem is the ceiling height as part of the ceiling in this room is vaulted.

There are three windows in the room, as shown in the photo. (Excuse the blank walls - we just moved in.) All three windows are the same size and each is situated 23" from the floor.

On the left side of the room the ceiling is low and straight at 84". The top of the window on that side is situated only 3" from the ceiling. Therefore the rod will be mounted as high as possible, either on the ceiling or wall about 1.5" or so above the window.

The other two windows are at the corner on the right side of the room. The ceiling height above the middle window varies between 95" to 108" (it's sloped). Above window 3, the ceiling height is straight at 95".

What I am leaning toward is placing the rods at least 8" above the two corner windows. Of course, this will mean those rods are hung higher than the rod on the first window.

The only other option which I can think of is to place all the rods at the same height, about an inch above the windows. However, my fear with that is that the large amount of space (almost two feet at one point) between the rods and ceiling above the corner windows will look really bad.

Regardless of what height I hang the rods, my curtain panels are plenty long enough so that is not a factor. Because this is a rental, I am trying to avoid replacing the blinds or buying expensive shades.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Thank you for your suggestions & input!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would hang them all at the same height with the rod just skimming the top of the window, creating a waterline around the room...ignore the ceiling height.

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I agree.

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Me, too.

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Me, three! Otherwise your line of sight will jump up and down which is very disruptive.

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Thanks to all for your responses. I hung them all at the same height and I am pleased with the results.

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