8 x 9 Bedroom

happycamper1April 28, 2010

Any suggestions on how to arrange an 8' x 9' bedroom? One one 8' wall there is a window with about 1' of space on each side. On the opposite 8' wall is the door and a closet which together take up the whole wall.

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What size bed and other furniture you have? Also are the two nine foot walls all wall?

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Yes, the 9' walls are all wall. And the 8' window wall actually has 2' of wall on either side of the window rather than 1' on each side. I am downsizing and the furniture I have isn't working, so I'm interested in the best layout so I know what I need to acquire. The room needs to sleep 1 person.

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Does the closet provide adequate storage, or will you need additional drawer or shelf space? How much room does the open door take on the adjacent wall? What kind of doors are on the closet - bifold. bypass, other? Do you want a TV in the room? A desk? What is the height of the wall under the window?

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Is the room going to be used all the time or is it a spare room for guests? Will there be other functions such as office or reading room? Is it a child's bedroom or an adult bedroom? Too many variables to really give good help. I have lots of Small Space Ideas but need more info.


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18" to each side + 54" = 7.5 feet so if you arramged a bed and small nightstands on each side along one wall you could get a full with access on both sides.

A twin is 39" so 6" minimum near the wall for making the bed =45" that gives you 41" on one side of the bed for dresser.

Both beds will require about 7 feet in length, so without seeing the room, it would seem to make sense to run the bed parallel to the long side of the room for full access.

If you wanted to make it like a day bed, you could run the bed all along one 8 wall. This will give you more floor space but beds like this are not always easy to make.

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