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imsmilngApril 26, 2014

I need to pick a bed for my 4 year olds room. I like the two Wesley Allen iron beds below. I am leaning toward the sparrow bed (second one) in possibly antique white or soft green. However, I have always liked the pottery barn bed shown last. I want something that will transition with her; I will definitely be getting a full size.

What do you all think?

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I like the PB's simple enough to go with any style or decor down the road and will be much easier to make without a footboard, especially for a kid.

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I like the PB barn. It looks perfect for a girl, but I also wouldn't want bars in a kid's room as they could get stuck between them. Also, bar are so uncomfortable to lean against while reading.

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The first one doesn't do anything for me, but I adore the other two. I would invision how you want to decorate the room or which fits best with how it currently is.

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My DD has the sparrow bed but without the footboard, which makes it much easier to make the bed and navigate around in a small room. She's 13 and still loves it. The one we have is a lighter, ivory color.

I like the PB bed, too.

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I would prefer the white one also but, take a look at this one, we just bought it for our grand. I like that it has storage and a headboard you can lean back on while reading. The storage is wonderful for their books and toys.

Here is a link that might be useful: another option

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I'll just agree that a storage platform bed is so nice. My boys' (9 and almost-5) have matching twin captain's beds in a tiny shared room -- the beds are far enough apart that they can both open their cabinets and drawers w/o crashing them together (thankfully, as the beds are as far apart as they can be).

But if storage is not an issue, than I like the wood bed from PB -- it seems more versatile to me. I tend to think about that though, how furniture might grow with kids. And if/when it's ever outgrown, it's still very nice for a guest room.

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The sparrow bed is cute, but down the road will you tire of it? I'm thinking future guest room bed after she's out. Maybe that's TOO far off to consider

I like the first one. timeless, classic.

The 3rd one is nice, but seems too elegant and grand for a 4yo. Althought it kinda evokes Disney and princess though, so that might be cool to work with.

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Holly- Kay

I must admit to being partial to the WA beds. I actually think they are both lovely. I like the third as well, but to me at least, looks more child-like.

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Bed #2 with bird, hands down. And I could easily imagine it as a guest bed. The other two, meh. That pottery barn bed is everywhere.

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