TV components - Remote working through fabric instead of glass?

sherwhyApril 11, 2010


I was wondering if anyone has used cloth in place of glass in cabinet doors for your tv equipment. I know there is speaker cloth and it's usually black or dark brown. Has anyone used antique linen cloth, something with a larger weave? If so could you tell me where to find it?


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Infrared signals usually need a clear line of site (although some remotes have greater LED capability and a broader signal). You could certainly try a large weave fabric to see if it works, but the signals are all coded so it would be a challenge. Linen is usually more of a tighter weave than the typical speaker fabric. I say give it a test and see if it works.

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Burlap might have a loose enough weave - try Walmart.

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There is a gizmo that allows you to keep components like a DVD player behind closed doors and still use your remote control. I think it is called a remote extender. It changes the remote signal to a radio frequency. The extender is a small box and it would need to be visible in order to work, but you would be able to hide all the other components.

Someone over on the Electronics Forum could probably give better info, if you are interested.

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We use a remote control extender on the TV in the keeping room. Works great!

Here is a link that might be useful: remote control extender

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The extender is perfect. Just like the link shows, it converts the IR over to allow the item to work. All our equipment is in the office and our universal remote works with the extender and makes the items work. When we added cable tv the receiver was IR so we just use the converter and it turns the box on. Technology is so great for this component stuff.

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I have wood doors that stay closed on my EC. We had an IR Repeater installed so we could still use the remotes through the door. Works great!

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