do we need to cover up the recess??

calypsochickSeptember 29, 2010

Hi, all. Several weeks ago I had posted about the pipes behind our range, which were preventing the range from being pushed flush up against the wall. Well, it was fixed, and the wall was cut out a little and the pipes pushed into this recessed space. Everything is still exposed. Are we supposed to cover this up with compound? You don't see it because it's behind the range, and it's just a recess with the pipes sitting in it. But I don't know if I should patch it up.


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Why bother. I would leave it as is in case you had to work on something at a later date. If nobody sees it, who care?

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If it's an outside wall, open penetrations in the inside surface will partially defeat the insulation.

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If you dont cover it, it is an easy access for for bugs to come in.

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It's an internal is a wall that divides our living room and kitchen...

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