Filter Element Replacement

trhoughtJanuary 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I noticed yesterday, before leaving for a New Year's Eve party, that our cartridge filter pressure was only half of what it usually is.

It's probably a tear in one of the filter elements as I just cleaned them the day before and noticed the bands on one of the filters were not bonded to the pleats any more. This allowed the pleats to move a lot when I was blasting them with the hose and was concerned about tearing. I'm going to inspect today to verify this.

If it's a tear in one of the cartridges, should I replace just the one cartridge or should all 4 cartridge elements be replaced at the same time. The other 3 elements looked OK in terms of bands and their bond to the pleats.

This is the first time for filter element replacement for us and just curious what everyone's experience has been with replacements over the years.


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That would be a pretty substantial tear. I would expect one at a time would be fine though.


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Scott...Thanks..that's reassuring.

Yesterday, I could not find any tears in any of the cartridges including the suspect one.

Regarding the're right....the pressure was not half as originally was dusk when reading the original pressure and hard to could have been the egg nog and rum also!

The actual pressure was 6 psi lower than normal..normal being 20 psi.

After filter inspection and re-assembly, I was able to get the pressure to normal again. I had forgotten the skimmer suction was closed and I was only pulling from the main drain. I also forgot the valve at the bottom of the skimmer was only partially open further restricting flow even when the skimmer suction valve at the pad was open.

With both valves open all the way, the pressure is now 20 psi.

Lesson learned.

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