Easy Touch 4 needed??

dewalt17January 25, 2014

Looking at purchasing some equipment for a upcoming owner build gunite pool. Pool just over 15K water. Here's a list of the equipment I am considering

Pentair 3HP VS pump 011018
Pentair Clean and Clear 420 filter
Pentair IC-20 Salt generator
Pentair Intellibrite 120v LED light
Pentair Intellibrite Color controller
Polaris 260 or 360 cleaner?
Polaris Booster

What I am unsure of is if I would need a controller or not. Could I add a wired or wireless remote to this to control the pool and lighting functions for inside the house if I wanted.

I know the pool pump and salt generator are controlled thur the Easy Touch. Can the LED light and cleaner booster be controlled as well?

Is there anything I am missing?


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The controller will give you a lot for the money . Such as setting the colors as well as different color modes, checking the salinity of you water controlling your VS pump startup priming speed and running speeds. And you can also use one of the extra contacts for landscape lighting or anything else you want to put on a timer...yes the booster can run on a timer through it as well. look at the new energy saving booster pump by Pentair also. I would go with a IC 40 salt system it will run less and last longer....

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Thanks for the reply. That was my next question. The IC-40. I have a chance to purchase the controller and IC-40 for around $900. Is this a good price? With the controller would I still need the color change controller? Or is this handled by the Easy Touch?
Also how many of the Pentair LED lights would you put in a 15x30? Also I have a 6x16 Baha/tanning ledge on one end. I'd like to add a light to it as well. Will the Pentair Globrights work on this?


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If you can buy a Easytouch with a IC 40 for $900 jump on it....But check on the warranty if buying online Pentair made some changes this year on there warranty for online purchases. The Easytouch will control the lights also no controller needed. As for lights I have 3 LED lights in my personnel 40ft pool on the sides and I really don't think they do as good as just having the one in the deep end, for the tanning ledge a Globright or 2 would work great.

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