male deaf dog urinating in home and on female dog

chickadee4November 14, 2013

I adopted a deaf neutered male puppy mill rescue about two years ago. His left eye is partially blind due to the third eye membrane advancing offer his iris. A surgical repair was dismissed by the vet eye surgeon.
He is a very sweet good natured boy.
He was crated for a good year plus before letting him join us in the master bedroom at night.
He understands a few hand signals and the two other dogs keep him in check when we are out in the fields.
He prefers to pee over the female dog when we are out and about. I have placed him on a long horse line so I have something to tug on but that does not work. I have tried running to him but he has already nailed her.
The signal that he has messed up is a finger wag and me stamping the ground. He understands the correction in the home but outside it is more difficult.
I also noticed that twice he has peed on the kitchen chair....... more of a claiming pee.
DOes anyone have any suggestions on how to stop him from peeing on the female? do I spray her with perfume or another scent?
He is not emptying his bladder just marking her.

What do I do with him marking my kitchen chair? Both times I feel as if he was trying to pee on my coat not the chair.
He does not pee in the bedroom or anywhere else in the home.
Since he is deaf and his eye sight is compromised....... I have to be careful with any touch. I have tried tapping him but then he is scared of me for several weeks.
Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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sure sounds like anxiety to me.

maybe Prozac?

(They *do* give prozac to dogs & cats.)

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I won't be much help but wanted to share that my dog will sometimes pee on other dogs when he's given the chance. He does tend to be aloof around other dogs so I always thought it was a dominance gesture. He loved hanging out with, and playing with, my DS's Boxer but sometimes when the Boxer was lying down my dog would lift his leg on him. Other times, the Boxer would try to pee on my dog. I still think it's a male/dominance issue.

What do you mean by 'the other dogs keep him in check'?

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THe other dogs keep him in check simply means they get him when he is confused. They run near him so he can follow the pack. The dogs guide him.
Even a simple run in the back yard can leave him bewildered so we open the arms up like a flag man or a line man. I wear a white jacket with a black trim and jeans when we are out in the fenced yard or the fields.

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Ok........thanks for clearing that up. : )
2 more questions: how is the vision in his right eye? Did the eye specialist not think his vision would improve from surgery on the left eye?

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My 'got to pee" pooch is a product of two blue merles mating. He has anatomical issues along his throat . His exam showed that the orbits would not support the surgery. His third membrane advances and recedes on both eyes but the left is more severe. The vet said that a surgical repair can be done but will fail shortly after due to the eye shape itself. I was told the membrane will just advance again.

He enjoys running around the fenced in yard and also in the fields. We just installed an inground pool this summer. He loved the pool. Since his vision is compromised the pool gave him a security cause he could only go the perimeter of the pool. I purposely installed a swim out ledge for the dogs. He was a calmer dog once he got a chance to swim. When we covered it for the winter, I showed him the change and he has not stepped out on the pool .
He is a sweetheart but this peeing has got to stop. He has learned hand signals for sit, come, No, bathroom and just starting to get stay.
I had used the come signal and placed him immediately in his kennel that he thought oh I got to go into my kennel . Confused him when the kennel was not around.

I let the other dogs out to pee before him which helps stop the marking. When we are out playing he needs to mark on the female when she relieves herself. No doubt they are keeping me in shape but the winter has arrived and i can no longer hose the dogs down.
How do I teach him not to mark on my clothes and the female dog. I guess tether him on a shorter lead.
I can not give praise vocally and touch can be misconstrued.
SInce he is truly deaf his other senses are more keen.
He finds the moles in one second and he alerts me to thunder a good thirty minutes before the storm arrives.
I hate the smell of pee.
I am no mother theresa. I just knew I had the patience and the pack to give him a good life.

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