joe_mnSeptember 4, 2012

pic on left is example. pic on right is my disposal. think it is worth redoing plumbing? we never use disposal. only use left side bowl. we have a nasty funky smell from lower cabinet area. think it might be crud washed into disposal from left side bowl plumbing? we took everything out of cabinet. nice and dry. no leaks. no mold. no dead mice.

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what pics?

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i need a waste tee?

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The picture on the left is an example all right,,,an example of a cobbled up mess created by an inept DIY'er.

The picture on the right depicts the correct way it should be connected.

The horizontal tee in the center is a "Horizontal Baffled Tee" which means it has an internal baffle that directs all flow from the horizontal tubes into the vertical drain tube and unless the line is plugged below that tee, there is no cross flow from the sink to the disposal.

The disposal and all the piping below the sink is also air & water tight so unless you have a leak there is no way the odor you have it coming from the disposal.

In the picture on the left there is an AAV(air admitance valve) that serves as the vent. If you happen to have an AAV that could be the source of the odor because an AAV has a spring loaded internal seal that is designed to allow air to enter but not escape, but if the seal is malfunctioning it would allow sewer gas to leak.

An AAV is screwed into a female thread adapter so if you have one that is malfunctoning you simply unscrew the defective one and install a new one.

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Our unit is the pic on right. The tee is not baffled. I took it out to check. There is a funky smell in lower cabinet. We took everything out and nothing looks or smells funny.

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code requires a baffled tee, but even if it isn't, the source of your odor under the sink is not coming from the disposal unless you have a leak.

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Q: with it done like this, is it possible that stagnant water is remaining in the bottom of the GD?

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No there is no stagnant water in the disposal. The discharge port of the disposal is slightly below the bottom of the disposal cavity so all liquid would drain out.

On the other hand, even if there was stagnant water in the disposal, any associated odor would go out through the drain opening above the sink, not under the sink in the cabinet...There are absolutely no openings in the disposal or piping that would release sewer gas in the cabinet.

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