American Standard, awesome service :)

kathy77September 27, 2012

Just want to share a positive experience. Got my bathroom remodeled several months ago. Contractor picked out the toilet for me as I trusted his judgement, and I was pleased with it. A few months later it developed a spot in the bottom. A spot that I could not get out. No amount or type of cleaning product or scrubber worked. Turned out to be a flaw in the porcelain finish. I figured I would just have to live with it sadly. But it's getting worse, the spot is bigger and darker. So I emailed American Standard to ask, what can I do? They asked for a photo, and asked me some questions.


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It's always nice to hear of a positive experience, and this one strikes home with perfect timing.

I also have a relatively new American Standard low flow porcelain round seat toilet, and guess what? It has an enlarging spot in the dependent bottom front of the water reservoir. As yourself, I cleaned and tried appropriate toilet bowl products without resolution. So puzzled, with gloves on and clear water in the bowl, I reached in to find the porcelain has is interrupted (gone) on the front side at the bowl bottom. In it's place is a big brown spot that is very obvious and cosmetically displeasing.

Do you mind sharing your contact with me? I suspect American Standard might like to see a photo of mine also, don't you? I hope they will help as I am at wits end here.

Thank you very much for your post and help.


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I used their website. This page,
The Contact Customer Service Online link.
Hope you get as good a response as I did. I suspect they want to know if they have a bad batch of porcelain.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks kathy. I'll send them a photo with their American Standard stamp. So curious a similarity...

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Sounds like the glaze failed on the bowl, and the dark spot is moisture spreading through the porcelain. Good to hear a positive resolution for OP, hopefully for Sparkling too.

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American Standard said my toilet warranty was for only one year. Hmm, when replaced I'll have to think about the warranty more.

Glad you got relief though kathy77.

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