Minimum space for Roman tub filler

bobbie46September 2, 2011

If anyone knows the minimum space required for a Roman tub filler on a deck, please advise. After deducting the internal measurements of the tub from the external measurements of the exterior, I see I have 2.25" at each end and 3.375 along the long side. I want to place the spout and handles on the long sides. Since the tub is cast iron, I must add ? inches to allow the pipes to come through the deck. I want the smallest deck possible. The tub is an undercount. If anyone knows this figure, please tell me. Thanks for any suggestions.

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look at the cascading tub filler from Geberit. Others like it are available too. The mixed water comes out of an opening in the same device that they call the overflow. It's a combination. Erogazione is the term they use in Italian for water coming out of a concealed opening.

Your two valves could be any (small) size and anywhere within reach.

"cascading tub filler"


I've often wondered why I have not heard of anyone arranging for their mixed water to flow down a wall into the tub. (it would have to be a membraned wall, and a lip or ridge would have to be built to direct the flow large or small).

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