Help with another dining room?

musicteacherApril 5, 2014

My dining room used to have spruce green carpet, and it also used to house my 7 foot grand piano when I was teaching. Since we inherited furniture, the piano moved out,, wood floors came in, but I don't know where to proceed with the rest. Don't laugh, but I used to think that curtain material was beautiful - and it matched my paint and the carpet too! I still love this sort of Wythe Blue paint color - 16 years after I first chose it, so it just might stay, but I want to replace the chandelier and curtains. I do need them for privacy at night. Pictures on the wall? Hand me downs, not attached to them, but don't hate them either. Furniture must stay for now.

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Another picture of the same room. Don't know why these are turning sideways, they are not that way in my folder!

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I found this chandelier when looking for something wrought iron and colonial but I really like it. I am thinking sort of colonial, sort of French country, Light and airy in contrast to my library looking living room, but not too fussy or ornate. I love flowers and birds and although my china is ultra simple - just a silver edge, I prefer to use mismatched floral dishes. I don't like flowers all over everything. Can I update with this chandelier keeping the blue and making new curtains?
Also, my table is very 70s - almost oval with squiggles above the legs which are octagonal. (for real) I can't figure out how to use a table runner on that shape of table but if I leave it bare my hubby will run in and lovingly cover it with those beautiful plastic table pads! : ) My chandelier is only on sale for 2 more days so I would appreciate your honest opinions. I really can't picture things before I see them altogether, and have no real decorating genes! Can you help me?

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What a pretty room. Your windows are lovely. And I like that wall color too!

Do you have a rug in there? If not, do you want one? I don't actually have a rug in my dining room, but many people consider that a rather unfinished look. If you want a rug, I would choose it first, then choose new drapes to coordinate.

Would you like a soothing room or are you looking for something more lively? What colors are in the surrounding rooms?

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The pictures are taken at such an angle that it is hard to determine what is needed, but I am not a big fan of the table cloth nor of the window treatment and I agree that a rug will soften the woody look of your room and eliminating the floral will eliminate that too busy look.

Otherwise, I am just not able to see if your room is on angle, or your table, or where other things are located. The busy florals, the hardness of so much wood are too woody and too floral.

I do love the green wall color; where is the Wythe blue, is that an adjacent room?

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I think your room is lovely. I love the wall color next to your dark furniture! I would wish to see more of the leaded window so I would at least remove the valance or change out for simpler panels. Your room has lovely architectural details with the coved ceiling, windows and now floors! I also quite like the painting above the buffet. The chandelier will look lovely in the room.

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That chancy is absolutely beautiful. Grab it. I think it'll be great in the dining room. But it can always go in a bedroom, bathroom, LR, kitchenâ¦.

As far as the decor goes, I think I'd pull back on all the floral stuff. It's a bit much, IMO. Curtains, table cloth, painting, sideboard decorâ¦.

I think I'd replace the curtains with panels with a simpler pattern, i.e.: flowers if you like them. I'd take the table cloth off the table altogether and find a nice, simple centerpiece. That will also help the new chandelier stand out.

Replace the flowers on the sideboard maybe with a simple runner.

I think I'd also remove the hutch altogether. It looks like it's too big for the room and is squeezed into a corner. Can it fit in a nearby LR or Kitchen or hallway, perhaps?

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Thanks for your advice. Yes, I am def. getting rid of the curtains, and the tablecloth was only there for Christmas. I agree that the room looks crowded but it really isn't in real life. The two extra leaves in the table are only there maybe once a year.
Adjoining rooms? The kitchen ( through closed doors) is yellow and white (I do like color) with old oak cabinets. The living room is like being inside a tree. My hubby LOVES the paneling. It also has wide built in bookcase: A large skylight, oriental rug break up the darkness some and I made these curtains, which help a little. I go to the dining room when I feel the need for light!
I would still love suggestions for curtains, and maybe a centerpiece for the table. I sew and am a little crafty so that usually opens more options, but makes decisions harder! You guys are so sweet to help me!

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Do you not have more pictures of your room so that decisions could be made about what to do. This is very difficult. It is hard to tell if your room is crowded, as only see a corner.

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another vote for the chandy!

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I love the chandelier! And I love a sale! I might want to grab that for my dining area....where is it from if you don't mind me asking?


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More pictures coming soon. And the fixture is from Ballard designs. Glad you like it!

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I actually love the curtains. The pattern is spectacular!! I do agree with the other posters, though, that there is way too much floral in the room. I would keep the current curtains as simple panels and remove much othe other floral things (such as the paintings and side board decorations). Replace those with simpler pieces to balance the very traditional room.

I also like the wall color as it is. The room just needs some brightening. If you add some clear (not cut) glass accessories, they will add decor to the room without visually weighting it down.

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