pool regulations (fencing, etc.)

tx_lap_poolJanuary 4, 2011


We just finished building our pool, but our pool builder is not saying we won't pass the final inspection because our fences (around our home) don't meet the requirements. Our general contractor says she's not aware of the fencing requirements and is pushing back. Our house is in Harris County, and I've tried finding the regulations related to fencing/pools online and haven't found anything. I'd really really appreciate any help from people here familiar with Harris County requirements for pools ... if someone could just point me to where those regs are, or tell me what those regs say, I'd REALLY appreciate it!!


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Is it in a city? Who will the inspector be?

We failed preplaster city inspection due to fence issues.

In our city (in North Texas), if the ugly side of the fence is out, there must be anti-climb rails. All gates must be outward swinging, self closing with the latch at least 54" tall.

We failed because latches were .5" too low and we have a gate across the driveway that wasn't self closing. We ended up with a mesh fence around the pool with a 54" latch (and IMO it's ugly as heck, but at the very least it's keeping the kid and dog out of the pool).

Your BUILDER should tell you what you need to have happen.

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Thanks. Sounds like we may have similar regs.

Our [house] builder has been incredibly unhelpful--our PB says he talked to the builder and told him the requirements, but our builder just built a regular fence with regular gate--and now we have to pay to fix it. I'm concerned though because our PB JUST told me that our fence needs to be at least 6 feet (we also have a gate near our garage, and it's not that high). Our house builder lives in the same neighborhood and said that the fence only needs to be 5 feet high. (Then again, she didn't get the self-closing part right, so I don't know how much I trust her opinion.) That's why I'm hoping someone can point me to the actual regulations.

We live in Houston, inside the loop, and I think we have to follow the Harris County rules, whatever they are.

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Might be helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: Houston pool/fence regs

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Im my area, 5 foot is the rule.

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As a side note, check with your insurance company to see what their requirements are. I live next to a large lake so my present company does not require fencing as there is already plenty of water around. If I were also in a residential area I would have installed a fence regardless of insurance or local regulations.

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The link that goofygrin supplied seems to indicate you only need 4 feet so you should be good. UNLESS... you are inside some city or incorporated limits and THEY may have more stringent requirements.

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I have a large lot in Oak Forest -- and am planning on building a pool soon and most of my fencing (wooden privacy) has the boards on the INside - not sure what to do about that... I dont like pool fences at all... but I have a great deal of fencing... and if the boards are on the outside kids can climb so they need to be on the inside... cant fix that unless I take the fence down I'm afraid:( ugh (also in Houston, TX)

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