Cat slobbering a lot? Normal?

wertach zone 7-B SCNovember 24, 2011

I have an about 2 year old Tom that adopted me. :) Don't know the breed, sooner I guess. He slobbers a lot, chin stays wet most of the time and I'm concerned.

I finally took him to the spay/neuter clinic yesterday, a horrifying experience for both of us! I asked the lady if they would check things out with the slobbering. She said they would do a basic health check and let me know if there were problems I should be concerned about.

My wife picked him up from the clinic and didn't think to ask about the slobbering. The paper work that they sent back said he is healthy. But, since it is a cheap spay/neuter clinic they probably don't do a thorough check, I guess?

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Congratulations on your new family member. Slobbering is not a normal condition in cats. My guess is that your cat has something wrong inside his mouth - broken, loose, or abscessed tooth; ulcer; gum infection; foreign object; etc. This merits a trip to another vet - one who will do a thorough mouth exam and pursue further diagnostics if nothing is found inside the mouth.


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Some cats do drool when contented. My Siamese purrs and drools and then slings the drool worse than a St. Bernard!

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I have cats who drool when contented, too, but their chins aren't constantly wet, and they don't slobber when not being petted.

Wertach, if your cat only drools when being petted, purring, and kneading, then you probably don't have anything to be concerned about. But if there's slobber hanging out of his mouth all the time, and his chin is constantly wet, you should get him to a vet for a more thorough checkup.


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wertach zone 7-B SC

I have had him in the laundry room since he lost his manhood, Or is that Tomhood? LOL

Since I have been interacting with him more and he hasn't been outside,I have noticed that his chin isn't always wet. Except after eating his wet food, then its wet and brown.

When I feed him or pet him he starts slobbering. He likes to bump noses and he slobbers all over my nose!

When I was at the clinic he was making a lot of noise and everyone asked if he was a Siamese. I call him Squeaky because he makes so much noise! I told them he might be part Siamese and several other things!

Here is a pic of him on the sun deck today.

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He's darling!

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I can almost see his stomatitis from here. Is he FeLV/FIV negative?

Slobbering is NOT normal. A little happy drool here and there, sure. My cat does that too. But she does not slobber and even when drooling her chin is never wet.

Please take that handsome fellow to a "real" vet to be thoroughly checked out. He may have to be anesthetized for a thorough mouth exam.

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I'm thinking stomatitis also.

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One of my cats has a history of ondoclastic resorptive lesions, one of the signs that tells me that trouble is brewing is excessive saliva. I just had him at a specialty clinic, they assured me that he would be just fine after surgery. That was the end of September and I'm noticing the warning signs are starting yet again. I encourage you to get him checked out as soon as you are able to do so.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I am going to take him to the vet as soon as I can, even though the slobbering is only when feeding or petting. He needs a thorough checkup anyway.

I just hate the terrorizing affect on him. When I was taking him to get fixed he went crazy, I was afraid that he was going to hurt himself. He pulled so hard on the door of the carrier that he bent it. He was trying to bite through it also.

I wish I could give him some sort of sedative before putting him in the box. I have some Metacam Suspension that I bought from them in case of pain. Would that settle him down?

I never gave him any since he seemed to be OK, just really scared of me for about 1 day. He will not go in his house or any confined space since that tragic day.

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Wertach, try some rescue remedy, it really does help. The primary ingredient is Bach Flower. I am currently using it on a couple of kittens that we just brought in to the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rescue Remedy

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

My guess is he picked up a virus at the vet clinic and it will probably run it's course but if he is showing signs of distress, best to have him checked by a vet who is knowledgable about cats. :)


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Wertach, did you take kitty in?

Drooling is a sign of dental pain. Like lynn d, my cat also has resorptive lesions where the tooth is eaten away. my vet says over 50% of cats develop this very painful condition. A cat's survival instinct tells them to hide pain, so you may not see any other symptoms.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Yes, chessy I took him to the vet. He said there are no problems other than a little plaque on his teeth.

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You should consider trying a soft-sided carrier next time. My cat panics and puts her paws thru the grated door of plastic carriers but on our last trip to the vet in her new carrier, she was soooo calm. Since it's totally enclosed she couldn't bite anything nor put her feet thru openings. I also elevated her carrier on the car seat and she enjoyed watching everything we drove by. Your cat may prefer the carrier being totally covered with a towel.....if he panics.

I always sprinkle some catnip on the padded floor of the carrier and leave the door open so my cat can enter and play in it at will.
Feeding your cat near the door of the carrier may help him accept it faster.

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