Which one to Buy: Watts or Grundfos Hot Water Recirc Pump?

CigarLoverSeptember 15, 2011


I'm installing a new HE 40 gallon electric water heater (we don't have gas) & want to install a hot water recirc pump at the same time. We have a few long runs in the plumbing so I think this product will help get hot water to the fixtures quickly. From what I see on the market these two (Watts & Grundfos) seem to be the leaders in this market. I don't mind spending a little more to get the best as I want it to last, perform & not give me any problems. Does anyone have any suggestions on these two pumps? Thank you in advance...

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If you have room under the farthest sink from the water heater and an AC outlet the Laing Aurocirc is the best choice.

Have one that's 10+ years old and never skips a beat. Only runs when water temp drops for less costly operation and less wear and tear.

Search this forum or Google for info.

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Be sure to insulate your pipes including the return pipe or it will get expensive.

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The Grundfos, Watts, and Laing Autocirc do not use a return line as a conventional recric pump does. They are a retro-fit design and work quite well.

You can read up... http://www.houseneeds.com/shop/manuals/laing_act303btrwbtw_Manual.pdf

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Hey guys thank you for the feedback so far. I have not heard of Laing pumps. I will look up the companies web-site to see the pumps they offer. The 110 outlet under the sink in the bathroom may be an issue. We already installed an outlet above the water heater location for a new pump to go there?

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The main difference between the Watts-Grunfos and the Laing Autocirc is that the Watts-Grundfos is a 2 piece design with the pump at the WH and the temp manifold at the farthest sink and the pump runs all the time or on a timer set for periods of use.

The Laing Autocirc is a one piece solution installed at the farthest sink from the WH and the pump only runs when the temp at the that farthest faucet drops to a set temp.


If you search this forum for Laing Autocirc or Autocirc you'll see a number of threads.

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