pumphouse problem ?

wildlifemanSeptember 19, 2010

a while ago my water pressure and supply dropped. finally got around to replacing my pressure tank. my water pressure went up but my water supply did not.

i still have the same amount of water no matter how long my water is shut off before it runs out. for this reason i don't believe my well is drying up. could it be the pump or pressure switch that is faulty and needs replacing ?

any help or trouble shooting advice is welcome.

thanks ,


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Does your pressure tank have the proper air charge?
How much water can you draw before the pressure drops by 50%?
What size is the tank?
Does the pump come on and go off at the set pressures?

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randy ,

the new pressure tank is precharged at 40 psi. i'm assuming thats the proper charge.

i draw about a mop bucket or a bit more before it drops by about 50%. 2 mop buckets is all the water i can get at once. i have to leave it off for a while to get more.

the tank is 19 gallons.

the pressure gauge for the pump has been broken for about a year. i need to replace it but alas i can't give u the answer to your last question. i hope that in and of itself doesn't affect this problem.

i'm not much of a handyman.

thanks for your help.


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i should add that replacing the pressure tank was prolly unnecessary as the problem remains the same. of course i'm not gonna put the old one back in. :)


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I am having almost the exact same problem! I had the well people out last month after we turned on the faucet and had no water... but they couldn't find anything wrong with our equipment..they did replace my pressure valve though. All of our well equipment was replaced about 2 years ago, and our tank is 30 gallons. We (and the well company!) are drawing a blank as to why we are having such a problem with our water supply. Our only option when we temporarily go "dry" is to shut the power to the well pump off at the circuit breaker, and let the well recover for a 1/2 day or more. If we do not turn the pump off, it cycles, and every 15 minutes tries to refill the tank. The water is not recovering adequately in those 15 minutes, so the pump then shuts itself off.

I hate to think that our well is actually drying up, so I hope someone has an answer for you, and me!

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