Turkey day for your pets?

caligalNovember 21, 2011

What special treat will you give your pet this Thanksgiving? We will be gone half the day, so I want to leave something yummy.

Frozen kong treats will be left at our home for our golden. He will get hours of enjoyment out of those.

Some turkey when we return, too!

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I hadn't thought of it, but perhaps I'll bring a doggy, or should I say, kitty bag home from my brother's house.

gobble, gobble!

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They'll get a little of whatever we're having.

This is the first year in a very long time we aren't traveling for T-day and they aren't stuck at the boarding kennel. So we plan to celebrate!

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meghane, sometimes it is nice to just stay home. your pets will be so happy! I may ask my sister if we can bring our dog. I hate when he is alone for extended periods of time.

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They will all get a tiny bit of turkey and dressing with a bit of gravy. I know that it is silly but we hate leaving them alone on holidays....they haven't any idea but I feel so guilty!

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Well, we are thankful for them.... so we can let them know by sharing some special foods!

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i'll be away from home for most of the day. i will leave my 2 with kongs stuffed with peanut butter than i will freeze tonight and i will give them bully sticks, too. by the time they are all done with those, they'll be ready for an extended nap. :)

happy thanksgiving, everyone!

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Be very careful sharing people food with your pets. The period between Thanksgiving and New Years is the prime period when pancreatitis strikes pets---all because their owners overdid the people treats. No spicy foods. No dressing with onions and spices. No high sodium gravy. Just a bit of turkey and some of the veggies if they aren't in sauce or overly seasoned.

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spedigrees z4VT

Our dog will be eating turkey all week, as will we. Brynn's turkey will be pulled off the bone in small bites with baked ground eggshell, enzymes, and vitamin/minerals mixed in, and turkey juice drizzled over. My cat may eat a bit of turkey as well, but she really prefers her chicken.

I home cook for all our pets, so to them, Thanksgiving isn't anything out of the ordinary, except for the fact that we're both home with them all this long weekend.

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There's something wrong with my cats!

Usually when we take out the turkey, they start circling like sharks. Today they just ignored it. It was a really good turkey, too.

They must have become vegetarians. :)

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I felt bad putting the dogs in their crates for the day. I did take them on a long walk first and brought them plate scrapings from dinner..turkey, potatoes, asparagus, squash..They loved it. and forgave me.

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ours got turkey & carrots that cooked under the turkey, on paper plates. They usually don't get table scraps but I've been giving them rotisserie chicken scraps lately so they were keen for the turkey.

They almost ate the paper plates! Now it's been 3 days of turkey & I'm afraid I've created 2 little monsters.

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I boiled chicken for broth in which to cook noodles, and after I chilled it and pulled off the fatty skins, the pup got some snacks off the meat. Yesterday, the DH fed him some turkey and gravy..........I told him to go light on it, but I suspect he didn't and the dog barfed on my rug. Yeah, agreeing with green designs.....no onions, light on the spices and fat-free. Pancreatitis is nasty stuff.

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My 2 dogs were invited to go to dinner too. My sister and BIL had dinner at their house and they have 2 dogs ... so the 4 dogs played like mad and got fed turkey (from the Amish) by my sister. My sister overdoes it with her dogs and people food at the table.

My dogs know better ... if they get something, it's after I've eaten and it's in their bowls. My sister is always amazed at how gently my dogs take something from her fingers ... her dogs, not so gentle!

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