Cover plate or escutcheon for single handle faucet?

marilanoSeptember 12, 2010

I am trying to buy a readymade granite vanity countertop to have someone else install, and all the ones I've been able to find online or in the big box stores are pre-drilled for 8" widespread faucets. I need to get a single handled faucet that's ADA compliant (I have hand problems), but they only seem to come in 4" centerset or single hole variations. I wondered whether I could find an 8" cover plate (or deck plate, or escutcheon) that would fit over any single-hole, single-handle bathroom faucets to cover up the 2 extra holes, rather than abandoning the idea of the granite countertop. But I'm not sure the center hole on the couple of cover plates I've found online would be wide enough to allow for the single handled faucets I've seen. The only readymade vanity countertops I've found that come predrilled with the 4" spread or a single hole are in either cultured marble or Swanstone, and I'd really prefer granite. If anyone has any advice about this, I'd really appreciate it. TIA for any replies. marilano

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Well, although it's not ideal, you could cap the extra holes individually. Or you can use one or both for accessories. Perhaps a soap dispenser in one, and cap the other.....or a small filtered water tap to round it out. The chrome caps are a few bucks each. They are dropped in, then tightened from underneath.

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