you dont need.

racketJanuary 21, 2011

If you install and balance the jets properly there is no reason to have an air blower on the spa. You can just stub the pipe up either through the deck, or above the deck and goose neck it back down so stuff doesnt fall in it.

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Maybe. It's not like the blower can't be added later.


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I dunno why this happened.

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When I was a mechanical contractor for other pool companies we used to do all our pools like this 20 plus years ago.
We'd plumb 1/2" up and out of the air plug on top of the jet, plug the sides, and come out from under the coping on the back side of a raised spa or place a hartford loop in the beam higher than the jet and run 1 1/2" out from under the deck nearby if the spa was at pool level.
We called them whistlers, LOL!!!
It was one thing I swore to myself I'd never do to one of my buyers when I started my pool construction company.
The pool builders would send me out to discuss the noise with the buyers, I'd have to tell them that this is the way the pool builder spec'd it in.
I wasn't allowed to tell them that the pool builder cheaped out not wanting to pay for the labor and piping charges plus the cost of the blower and an AS/relay and the labor and piping for the A&U plus tubing to the #4 air switch.

Note to all readers,
Trust me on this, IMO the money you save doing it this way just isn't worth it.

See ya,

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I'm not advocating putting the air line in the clients ear, you can even put the air line out the equipment slab. I am just saying you don't need an air blower

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quote" I'm not advocating putting the air line in the clients ear "quote
Pools are built a lot better nowadays!!!
I laugh alot when I think about then and now.
I subbed for many pool builders then that could sell a gunite pool/spa for 15000. We worked for peanuts and the pools were the same. The funniest thing is that the ones that popped out from the tile on a raised spa blasted like a banshee. A 2hp blower wouldn't even have the jet action like these did 'cause their air inlet was so close and unrestricted.

See ya,

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