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talontsiJanuary 8, 2012

Hi Everyone,

We are looking to have a pool installed at our home in central NJ. Im looking to get a Gunite or Concrete pool. Can anyone recommend or give some reviews on PBs? We are pretty new to this and Ive been trying to read up on all pool equipment and builds.

Carlton, Anthony S, Seasonal World, or anyone else someone could recommend.


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Swim-Mor and East Coast Concepts. Skip A&S and Carlton. Disasters for different reasons. The local Blue Haven is usually OK but with the local economy having taken it's toll with How Low Can You Go attitude, many builders are cutting areas that, IMHO are the last things they should be cutting on to save margins and end user costs.


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Thank you poolguynj,

I will give them a call.

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You should read the post by Harrisfamily before choosing that particular Blue Haven PB. It seems they have some problems. I'd look somewhere else.

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I've also seen evidence of issues at A&S, Carlton, and BHP.


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Use poolguynj!

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Thanks Doll but you know I just service and augment them. Maybe one day but not for the foreseeable future unless I bought or my company was bought (not for sale btw).


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