HELP-24k of water to ballast pool for winter gone in 3 weeks????

megankheapsJanuary 2, 2011

We are in the process of building a pool. It is gunite. The shell has been shot and the tile and coping are in. No trenches have yet been run for plumbing. The PB put 24,000 gallons of water (4 tankers) in the pool 3 weeks ago. This did not even fill the pool 1/2 way. It is a large pool. I live in MD, where it has been cold and windy for a few weeks, however there is NO water left in the pool. I don't think evaporation should occur at this quick of a rate, right??????? They don't plan on coming back to work on the pool until the weather warms up so what would have been the point of putting in water that would last 3 weeks when we have a whole winter ahead of us? It is Sunday and I can't get in touch with my PB and I would love to hear your thoughts on this? Thanks. I sure hope this isn't a sign of pool problems in the future : O.


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Demand credit for the water. It never should have been added nor, assuming hydrostatic relief holes exist, needed. Hydrostatic relief ports must be there and open on any empty gunite shell.

That was just dumb.


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We did not pay for that water to be added to the pool. There was some thought that the project could have finished by winter (hence, no charge for ballast water in the contract) but they were held up by rainy weather in the fall (I also didn't like where the pool was going to be so they had to put in for a permit change with the county) so we are waiting until spring. Should I be worried that the Hydrostatic relief ports opened up after the water was put in or do you think they were never closed off? I honestly don't know how quickly the water leaked out b/c it had a sheet of ice on it until today and I try not to walk out there b/c it is so muddy. So you think it would be fine if they didn't put in any more water? It won't lift? For legal purposes, I would rather it not have water. The crappy orange plastic fence that they put up around it keeps ripping in the wind. My husband bought zip ties to hold it on the posts but it continues to rip. I knew this was the place to get a quick answer. Thanks...megan

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I sincerely doubt the ports were closed, which is how they should be until plaster day and filling is begun. Then the ports are plugged or hydrostatic valves are inserted.


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