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newhomeseekerNovember 6, 2009

What "pet names" do you call your pets? My cats are lucky they know what their names are as everyone in my household has a little nickname for each one.

Lilo (this is a male tiger striped cat- he used to be my sister's cat. She got him for her birthday around the time the movie lilo and stich came out. He was a 4 week old kitten that was found on the road and he had huge eyes and big ears and looked like the alien for that movie. We both mistakenly thought the alien's name was Lilo (instead of the girl's) and when we found out differenlty the name just stuck. We also call him Skippy and Tiger and Handsome Boy.

Hillary- year old "kitten" I found at my mailbox. She is also called Smokey, hilly poo, hill Billy,and Fuzzy Bunny, and used to call her Punkin until we named a kitten we found pumpkin.

Lexi- Lexilou is her only nickname

Kira- we call her Kirapoo, The Little One, and we used to call her Sneezy when she was younger because she has respiratory problems.

Tinkerbell- we call her Stinker because she has bad gas and just Tinker

Pumpkin- we call her Punky Wunky, Punkin pie, and Punky Brewster

Buddy- we call him Monster, Buds, and Puppy (he plays fetch like a dog) also call him Baby because he is the largest kitten (6 pounds)but was the runt of the litter and cries all the time.

Toby- his name is short for Toe Biter as that is his favorite hobby.

Molly- she only has one nickname Molly Moo

Anyone have any goofy nicknames for your pets

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Well, our very proper and prim calico is often called "Fuzz Butt", and occasionally "Sweet Cheeks". Her name is Feliz, but the previous vet called her Felix. Perhaps that is why he's the previous vet and not the current vet.

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haha! I thought I was the only one crazy enough to have nicknames for my pets LOL.

my little shih tzu I call "struttin' stuff" because she doesnt walk, she usually struts like she owns the place (which of course she does). I also call her "hairy pants" because when her hair starts getting long she looks like she's wearing hairy trousers LOL.

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LOL,I like the nicknames in this thread!I haven't had my puppy long to give many nicknames yet.His name is Chap and I call him Chaparooney,Chappy and poopy puppy.

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We call Boris "Bo" for short and Mimi is sometimes referred to as "Meems" which obviously isn't short for anything. Mimi doesn't really lend itelf well to much of a nickname. Our other cat who is no longer with us was Ernie - and that never led to much in the way of nicknames either.

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My abused choc lab came to us w/the name Drake,wasnt wild about it,but it fit him.We call him Drakey[Close friends and family also call him this].We also call him the Drakenator,Draker and Big D.


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Max is Doufus, Clyde, or Noisy.

Molly is just Molly.

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OK, I think I may have a nickname that is the furthest removed from the real name....

Her name is Zephyr
She behaves like a princess, so she became Zephyrella
That was shortened to Rella
Joking around I would say Relly Belly
That became Jelly Belly
Now her nickname is Jelly Bean

If I had just told you Zephyr became Jelly Bean, you'd never figure out the progression.

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Oh, and of course, Jelly Bean is rapidly becoming Bean Head

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simon, my corgi, is "short wheels".

ashley, my senior great dane is "princess" or "miss ashley".

swee' pea, my 3 year old dane is "peester", "peeper", or usually just plain "pea".

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Newhomeseeker, I love the nicknames you have for your kitties

Some of my kitties have nicknames, but not all

Crazy bipolar kitty living outside has lots of names. She used to be very skinny and missing lots of fur when she first showed up in the neighborhood...And when she would get in fights, her fur on the back would stand up, while she did not have much fur anywhere else. Hence, the nickname Mohawk Cat. She is also Skinny Cat and Psycho cat. Her name is Violet, and she is now a beautiful long hair chubby (spayed) girl. But she still gets to keep her nicknames

My main cat in the house, Pixel, has lots of nicknames. She is gorgeous, a long hair black girl, with the attitude of a queen. So, she is Miss Pixel, Pixella and Pixelina (after Angelina)

Prissy Miah is often called Mimi...I do not think she cares for Mimi though

Then there is Mishka (Little Bear, in Russian), an overweight and rather sensitive male (19lb! , quite a lot for domestic shorthair) So now he is Fat Boy, Chubby or simply Chubbs.

Foster kids are Fuzzies, Midgets, Fuzzy Butts, Sidekicks, Chipmunks, Silly kids, Ratlings, you name it

When my kitties behave, they are all Babies, but when they get me mad - I call them "Rats!!!"

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