Seperation anxiety in basset hound

debbiep_gwNovember 20, 2009

Could this be seperation anxiety in my almost 7 year old spayed female basset hound Lucy?I can't go out to the garden to work now without her sitting at the back door crying,occasionally howling.When we go to leave the house she runs to the back door and starts trembling,when we get home we have puddles of water where she has salivated/drooled at the back door(otherwise she is not a drooler,only when she crys/whines)plus puddles were she has roamed around the house.I am assuming she is crying when we are gone.Two to three hours are the longest we are gone a few times a week,a few times a year we are gone about 6 to 7 hours max.I went to buy rescue remedy at the pet store but they didn't carry that brand,they had Pet-Eze Plus.I've never used any of either.Are they safe for use several times a week?Will they make her sleepy,what actually will it do?Its a teaspoon per each 20 lbs,shes 43 lbs,with medicines like benadryl,etc she has to take very small doses like 1/4 teaspoon or less.Do I need to experiment with giving less than it calls for?I'm going to need to give her some on Thanksgiving day,she will have to stay behind a baby gate for at least two hours and that upsets her to.On the other hand Sally(basset)doesn't seem to mind if I go out or leave,she keeps Lucy company,she will lay whereever Lucy wants to stake out.She sleeps and lets Lucy do all the worrying and crying.Its not feasible for me to take her to the garden with me,she has many fenced areas to go into but if I get out of her sight then she crys.Any advice about the calming medicines,etc?TIA..Debbie

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What is this dogs regular schedule like?
Do you take the dog for walks outside the home?
How long have you had the dog?
Where did you get the dog from, what was its life like before you got it (to the best of your knowledge)?
Has the dog been socialized?
Does it get along with other animals?
Is it okay around people?
The more detail you can give me on the daily routine, the better I can help you...

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I'd take her to the vet.

Her schedule hasn't changed,
you haven't abandoned her,
no new "babies" in the house,
no moves...

It doesn't sound like she has any reason to be distressed about anything emotional, yet she's distressed.

Therefore, it sounds like something physical.

I wish you & her the best.

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