Cost of tub filler -ouch!

lynneblackSeptember 22, 2011

We are re-doing our bathroom, my husband wants a freestanding soaking tub but we about fell over when we found that the tub filler for a freestanding tub costs over $500! Is there any way around this? I simply can't figure out what justifies $500-$2000 for a stupid piece of plumbing that does nothing but put water in a tub..

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First, make sure you are really going to want a soaking tub. Our master bath came with a large, deep, jetted tub...which I think we have used twice in 6 years. The problem with remodels -- and I am speaking from my own experience -- is that there are lots of really cool things that one is tempted to install that in retrospect look like a less-than-wise use of one's money. On the other hand, if this is an absolute necessity in your husband's view, then don't let the cost of a fancy faucet get in the way. And you can find a decent one for less than $500. This is one of those areas where you can pay a lot for a little style. Believe me: a $2000 tub filler will not perform 10 times better than a $200 one.

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we have a big ugly circa 1985 drop in tub now, sitting right in our bedroom surrounded by the ugliest pink 4" tile you have ever seen. My husband uses it every day..the soaking tub is a 'must have' in his opinion, the good news is, the new tub will be in the bathroom not in the bedroom. If you know of any source for

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Do you want a particular style? I saw a wide variety under $500 by just doing a Google search. For example, here is a link to what is offered on eBay:

Here is a link that might be useful: Tub fillers

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We bought a decent looking tub filler from Signature Hardware for under $150, IRRC. I do not want to promote their business but I felt well treated by them. You could find them, or competitors, I'm sure, with an internet search, as I did.

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The American Standard Cadet line is the only budget tub filler that I could in good conscience recommend. I beleive you might even be able to find it at a box store sub $200 if you're OK without a hand shower. (I'd recommend the hand shower.) Chrome finishes are the least expensive and they are classic. If you want something like ORB, you're gonna be talking at least $500 for something decent.

This is for s standard soaking tub, not a clawfoot tub. If you want a clawfoot, the game changes. Significantly.

The poorly crafted imported stuff with fancy names just isn't built like something American is. Tub fillers are pretty hard to change out compared to a simple sink faucet. That's just one of the reasons you don't want to go cheap on plumbing fixtures.

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I probably didn't make myself clear. He is getting a contemporary style free standing soaking tub..and the stupid tub fillers for those things start at around $500 there are some made in china ones on ebay for around $360-$380 but they are some off brand and I think that might be a stupid move, since he probably couldn't even get it fixed under warranty if it didn't work.

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Just don't think that paying a lot of money will necessarily get you something that is not made in China!

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