Kitten sneezing blood

jonny4-20November 7, 2009

I recently adopted a young kitten from a friend running somewhat of a last hope shelter for cats being euthanized at the humane society. This kitten was not one of the H.S. cats, rather he just folled the kids inside one day at approximately 3-4 months. He is a very hyperactive kitten without a care in the world. He is fed a very healthy diet and consumes healthily. He is now about 7-8 months old. He sneezes occasionally but never with any noticeable mucus either on the ground in front of him or left on his face. This morning while I showered, he sat in the sink licking at the still wet drain and must have sneezed twice. In both locations tiny blood spots are visible in a bird-shot pattern with little if any mucus. I didn't notice any black spots within the blood. I immediately checked him out and gave a light swabbing to his nose( I will say I was a little scared to just stick the thing up there so I gently swabbed the outer cavity only), but found no residue. No mucus, no blood, no discomfort on his part that was evident. I must tell you also, that he has a strange curiousity with my computer speakers and just the other day he tried carrying one off in his mouth( they are very tiny speakers but the image was priceless) when the cord came taught and he fell with the speaker on top. I never saw where it hit him but noises of pain and frustration were muttered. He quickly bounced back and just as I had the device mounted upon my desk, he gave a second attempt. The only reason I noticed the blood at all was for the light color of the ceramic that is my sink. I fear that maybe this was not the first time. I didn't see anything like a clot or large blood spatter that one would assume comes with healing after blunt force trauma, nor was there any dried blood or scab. I worry that I don't have the currency needed for the vet's inflated billing, and would like some of that good ole' free advice if any is available. If the matter is of grave importance, I will do as I can for him( perhaps take a collection ha) but in the meantime I will keep an eye on him for any updates. I read that many of these afflicted felines are(were) of advanced age and displayed sluggishness despite great reviews from the docs. Well any answer is better than none. Good day.

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Just like people and dogs, cats can rupture nasal membranes when they seeze if they sneeze hard enough, keep an eye on your new charge (kudos for adopting an orphan) if it happens more then save up your pennies and take your kitten to the vet. You might even ask the vet if you can make payments. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your little kitty.I think keeping an eye on it is the best thing to do right now.
It could be an early sign of an upper respiratory infection.
If you start noticing a lot of sneezing or perhaps some stuffiness,a vaporizer or humidifier can really help open the nasal passages and allow them to drain.
If your pet starts seeming lethargic and their ears feel hot (sign of a fever) then a vet visit is probably needed and some antibiotics.
Hope your baby feels better!

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Thank you for your responses. I appreciate any help given. He has been his normal self so far, nothing out of the ordinary, and I haven't seen any more blood. I have been checking his temp. daily and so far so good. I have a date for him with a local Amish horse caretaker (friend o' the fam). Should be a good thing especially until his insurance goes into effect and a modernized physician can treat him( Nothing against my good friends living the simple life) with all the toys. Thanks again.

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