home remedy for urine smell

philmont_2006November 20, 2006

Hi, I saw on this site a while back that someone had a home recipe for removing cat urine and dog urine smell, but I can't find it. We have tried and purchased ALL the brands people are talking about and it hasn't work. The carpet and pad are long gone so for the past year we have had subfloor in our living room......help...

Thanks Dave

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If you're talking about the smell the animals can smell but we can't a 50%/50 mix of white vinegar to water. If you're talking about a smell that we can smell I don't know what to tell you, I'd shampoo the carpets or hire a steam cleaner to do it and if it still stunk, I'd put in new flooring.

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Enzyme cleaners work, but if the urine is in the subfloor, the enzymes may not be able to reach it.

Solution is to remove and replace the stained sub-floor. Alternative is to cover the stained subfloor with a waterproof barrier, then put down whatever flooring you want, and hope the smell does not penetrate the layers.

We have multiple dogs and have pretty much replaced our carpets with hard flooring. We have a few small area rungs.

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Our puppy class trainer suggested Apple Cider vinegar. Test first on carpet, of course. She said to use full strength and let air dry. I have used it on tile floor and the only negative was that it seemed sticky to me.

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Is this the one you were looking for?
In a plastic container mix:
12 oz. hydrogen peroxide
1/2 tsp. dishwashing liquid(not dishwasher liquid)
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
Mix all ingredients together,multiplying the amounts of each if needed. Pour on the affected spot,allow to dry thoroughly then vacuum any residue. Shampoo carpets and furniture if possible. Can be poured into a spray bottle for use on drapes and upholstered furniture,etc. but do not store any remaining liquid in the container,(or any container) as it will burst. If using on carpets be sure to saturate the affected spot all the way to the pad and allow to dry.

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thanks much, the one from 1411 is the one I remember. Before I take out the subfloor I think I will just wait until this old dog dies....
Thanks Dave

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Dishwasing liquid and bleach. Fill a pail with water, add a squirt of each. Works great!
Isn't sub flooring porous? If it is nothing short of removing the sub flooring is going to work.

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