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kris56January 5, 2013

Hi everyone!

Have a really old pool (early 70's) in a house I just purchased that needs resurfacing badly. Seeing that needs to be done am geared toward bringing the whole thing up to date and wondering if it is possible to make a traditional pool into an infinity pool. The east end of the pool overlooks a canal and I think it would be kind of cool. Anyone done this? Any idea of cost?


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Post some pics of whats existing. It will help a lot.


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This is the pool from the house looking out. Is not a large pool, but big enough to keep us cool. I think you can see pretty well the urgent need for resurfacing.

Thanks Scott!


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Too close to the water to make it an infinity edge. You have to remove the existing pool and put in a new one. That would be a lot to ask.

New tile and plaster are easy enough though.


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Thanks Scott!

The pic is a little deceiving, probably about 25 feet from lanai to the sea wall, but not interested in a complete tear out anyway. The cost would be prohibitive. Oh well, at least I asked and won't wonder. ;-)

Am going to get a couple proposals, both for the new tile and plaster and for new decking, too. See if I can't jazz it up a bit. I think with the new landscaping and lighting going in, plus the solar heating for the pool, it will make a world of difference.

Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated.


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