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larkspur_growNovember 16, 2011

Hi all..we have a golden retriever that we have had since about May of this year. He is almost 5 now,is a good dog with a bit of a hip problem which we are giving him a supplement for.He was always mostly an indoor dog. We have had him outside and now also outside for the winter.He has a great coat and we have a doghouse which is sheltered and we bought a heated bed for it.We have been trying to get him used to a self feeder, but unless I stand out there beside him and coax him to eaqt he. for a long while wouldnt..and I'm not sure he does unless I do that. Iworry about him not getting enough although he looks fine and haS lots of energy. So I'm just wondering if anyone has had this experience with a dog before.

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hi larkspur! I truly can't imagine a golden being left outside for the day and all night too! They are such people dogs. Maybe you should give him to someone who would like to have him inside and that also doesn't mind feeding him twice a day. I am not saying this in a mean tone. I am just being matter of fact.

If you have him outside and you have him on a self feeder, when will he get human contact? Or maybe you are outside with him a lot?

I know I didn't really answer your specific question, but I was feeling a little sad for your golden....

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A 5 yr old dog that has spent most of his life indoors is not going to be happy being left outside at all. Also if he has hip problems the cold could make it worse. You don't say how you came to have the dog (and I also do not mean this to sound mean) but you should consider finding a family that can better attend to the dogs needs.

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i have to agree with the other posters. your post makes it sound like he will be spending the majority of his time outside, even in the winter. if that's the case, when will he have time with the family? an hour or two a night, and then being put back outside, won't be fair to him at all.

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Why would anyone want a dog then leave it outside? Goldens are not leave outside dogs and with a bad hip no no..It irks me to no end to see anyone get a dog then tie it outside..Whats the point of having a dog? I just do no get it?? Sure if you have to work and the weathers nice then a fenced in area to leave your dog in with a dog house is ok. But tied outside to a dog house. What a crappy life for any breed of dog and in the cold. shame on you!

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This post makes me sad. larkspur, can you help us to understand why you want to confine the poor dog outside so much? As the above posters said, what was your object in getting a dog in the first place if this is what his life is going to be? Please consider rehoming him so that he has a good quality of life, especially because he's been an indoor dog and has a bad hip.

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OH GOOD LORD she lives in Canada! You can not leave that type of dog outside in Canadian winters that's down right abuse!

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I will never understand people. Why would you get a dog and then decide to leave him outside. You said he's 5 years old and he has a bit of a hip problem. Then you said you got him a sheltered dog house with a heated bed.

I also live in Canada and I would love for you to sleep with your Golden every night to see how comfy the both of you would be in that sheltered dog house with your heated bed.

People like you shouldn't own animals, they deserve better.

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Larkspur, I encourage you to reconsider. If for no other reason please read my post "Our Family has Doubled". I cannot tell you how upsetting it is to find out that a creature that one cares for has turned into dinner for a wild animal. And these were not 'my' cats, they were strays that we fed.

The Game warden told me that a fisher in the county next to ours took down a fawn, so I would think that a dog would not be out of the question if you happen to have them in your area. But there are many other animals that attack, not far from us a family lost their dog to a coyote when they left him out in the yard to do his business. And no, I don't live in the wilds. We are rural but are 10 minutes from town.

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I agree with the others, please reconsider keeping your dog outside. Goldens are sociable dogs and thrive on being a part of the family. If for some reason you can't have a dog in the house it might be best to consider finding a home that can.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Something doesn't add up about this. What sane person would do such a thing?

Sounds like a made up story to get people riled up. I don't believe it.

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This person should not even have a dog. Who leaves a sociable golden outside in a dog house? No one I would care to know. Exactly what is the point in having a dog? I hung my wash out a few hours ago on a sunny 52 degree day and my dogs went out with me and when I came back in, they were whining at the door on my sunny porch where it was even warmer. They ran to lay beside the wood stove. This is cruel and the dog should be surrendered to people who would love to have him inside with them. How do you feel in your warm house looking outside in the dark and your poor dog huddles against the cold with his bad hip? Shame on you.

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