Toilet Overflow Mold Danger?

youngndomesticatedSeptember 30, 2008

Hi all,

So, recently one of our 2nd floor toilets overflowed and some of it leaked into our heating vents. The amount of liquid that seeped into the vents was probably half a cup (before I managed to contain the overflow via towels and clothing). The liquid that did get through, ran down the vent ended up seeping through a crack in the kitchen roof drywall, and the heating vent in the basement.

Once all the liquids stopped flowing, we pretty much ran everything through with Clorox Bleach and/or dishwashing detergent. We also cleaned

Should I be concerned at all with sediments of fecal matter developing into mold in the drywall and heating vent?

-- And just FYI (don't know if this matters): living in Chicago, we will be approaching the winter season, so our homes will be quite dry during that season. Not sure if this will prevent mold from developing.

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I wouldn't worry about it. The microbes in your fecal material are bacteria and evolved to live in your warm moist colon. They will not survive without moisture. You should just dry the area thoroughly and as soon as possible to prevent mold (just as you should with any water leak). I would even run the heat (or just the fan if it gets too warm) for a little while just to be sure. Luckily, there is a cold front moving through the area.

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