Advice for cats with renal failure

biwako_of_abiNovember 2, 2010

Someone using the name AnimalNetwork emailed me a lot of good advice to use for my cat Rosie and asked me to post it here, as he/she was having trouble doing so. I searched here and couldn't find that user name or a post from them, so here is the message: (I hope it is acceptable for me to do this. )

"I am new to the forum - and don't seem to be able to use it well. I'm hoping this gets to the forum - as others may find it useful too. If it doesn't - could YOU get it there?

Co-Q 10 does appear to help CRF cats. I give 15-30mg a day to my CRF cat - broken up into 2 meals. Be careful on the dosage. Very high doses can cause the leeching of Calcium from bones into the blood - and can cause the Parathyroid Glands to malfunction. Parathyroid Glands regulate the Calcium-Phosphorous balance in the blood. This can become a very serious problem.

If your CRF cat is not eating well, you should hand-feed him.

I have been doing this with my 21-yr-old CRF cat for years - and he has actually became a bit overweight! (He was diagnosed in 2004 with CRF)

You can use a LARGE Baby Medicine Dropper (5ml). Cut of the tip at an angle - and smooth rough, cut edges inside and out (cut an emery board to do this).

This will allow the dropper to pick up even chunky cat food.

And - the addition of Vitamin B12 will also instigate his appetite.

1) You should use the Methylcobalamin form of B12 - which is a MUCH better form to use - and - this will not be digested by stomach acids (as the "regular" Cyanocobalamin B12 will - which makes it useless).

2) You should add B-Complex along with the Meth B12 - as B12 needs to have Folic Acid (a B Vitamin) to work properly). If you are giving your cat sub-cutaneous fluids - he should be getting B-Complex every day anyway - as the fluids will wash out the B Vitamins in his body. Give him only one dose a day (10-25mg/dose) - not spread out.

3) What will help your cat to stop throwing up - and to feel better - is Pepcid AC. This is a very standard treatment. Use the Original Formula - and the REAL thing (NOT a generic - as the "Inert" ingredients in the name brand are better than in Generic brands). Give your cat 1/4 of a tablet once a day - NOT WITH FOOD. 20-30 minutes BEFORE feeding is OK. (You can give it twice a day - about 12 hours apart, if needed). The Vomiting is being caused by Overacidity of the Stomach and Blood because of Metabolic Acidosis - which is caused by the CRF). The Pepcid AC should relieve the Overacidity.

4)If your cat needs Sub-Cutaneous Fluids - He will always need them. Nothing will cause your cat to not need these extra fluids and electrolytes - unless you discover a total CURE for Kidney Failure.

If you need more help with CRF, let me know.

Jackie Page

PS: Try for the Azodyl"

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Well, I just took a look at the PlanetVet site and found that they require a valid veterinarian's license, so I guess it's back to Amazon for me.

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spedigrees z4VT

#4 of the advice given should be #1 on the list.

No other therapy is as effective in improving a CRF cat's quality of life and longevity as subcutaneous fluids. It relieves nausea, stimulates appetite, etc. (Personally I've found pepcid and other remedies useless by comparison with simply feeding a pet's favorite food and administering fluids regularly.) If you have ever experienced mild to moderate dehydration, you will be familiar with the headache, lethargy, and general malaise of this condition. I'm sure other ill effects of renal insufficiency add to the discomfort of dehydration as well.

My two old kitties were on sub-Q fluids in their old age, and it helped them live to the grand ages of 21 and 22 yrs in comfort. Now my 12 year old small dog and 18 year old cat have been receiving fluids for the past year or two and they too are benefitting.

I hope your Rosie will have a long life of contentment and comfort.

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Thanks for that, Biwako. I am not sure how to divide the coq10 capsule though, the smallest dosage I could find is 30 mg in a liquid capsule which has to be given all at once when opened.
I've tried the syringe feeding, but he hates it. He loves to lick the gravy off food, but he does not eat much of actual meat. I've tried different canned foods and he does the same with all of them. I've ordered Natural Balance Chicken and Liver Pate, I was told most cats like it a lot. Hopefully, that'll get him interested in eating more. He loves dry food, I know it's not good for him, but he has to eat and would be even thinner if it weren't for the dry. He gets Orijen or Wellness Core.

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I am not sure how to divide the coq10 capsule though, the smallest dosage I could find is 30 mg in a liquid capsule which has to be given all at once when opened.

I have the 30 mg capsules in a POWDER form (by NOW), and it is no problem to divide. Remember to give it with food (canned food, chicken broth etc.)-it needs fat to be absorbed. My cat has no problem taking it with chicken or a little bit of olive oil. She gets a third of a capsule each day, at least for now.

I can't remember if I got it in the vitamins section of our grocery store (Hannaford) or at our local health food store. My holistic vet carries it as well, but I had already got it.
My cat also is a 'dry' eater (except for the chicken I make for her). Currently on Orijen (42% protein) --previously Evo, but holistic vet says it might be too high in protein (50%). He also gave her some Chinese herbs--and she does not object to them. She is in early stage of the disease and has not lost her appetite--yet!
As you know, It is important your cat eats--"bad" food is better than no food!

Good luck,

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You should also check with your vet before doing any of the above.

Pepcid AC should NOT be taken at the same time as other meds, as it can/will affect the absorption of the other meds.

If you give your cat meds in the AM; give Pepcid in the PM (and vice versa).

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anne_marie, thanks for the info. I didn't know CoQ10 was available in powder form. I will look for it.

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