What is the best water supply line material

jeffinmontereySeptember 5, 2009

I am planning to re-landscape the front yard and may want to replace the water supply line. It is presently about 50 years old and galvanized pipe. What type of pipe should I use? It has been suggested that I use PVC (schedule 80), or heavy copper (?). I do have pretty high water pressure from the meter to the house and I use a pressure reducing valve at the house. I am on city water and it is pretty hard.

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I would ask the local municipality what they would want. There are about 6-8 options but they may have a requirement or preference.

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There are a lot of options. Your local hardware store probably carries several of them.

I've used cpvc (not pvc). This is rated for both hot and cold. Your coming in from the outside - so your only on the cold side; but I ran cpvc on my own house when the supply line (old steel pipe) eventually went bust. I did also encase it in galavanized steel; sealing up the joints extrmely well (to protect against water intrusion into the house via the galvanized sleeve) - so that an errant shovel or some such - would not cause problems...

There are some extrmely flexible, continuous roll, plastic pipe or 'hose' available. This basically becomes a jointless line between the meter and the house. You figure out the footage required, get a long roll of it; and put in between the meter, and the house entrance. 'PEX' would be one type of this. But it also is approved for both hot and cold. It has fittings allowing you to easily branch off and go to various areas of the home... Haven't ever used it. I prefer to (personal choice) use cpvc. Like pvc; there are some plastic hose types which are flexible, and used for supply - which are only approved for the cold side of life...

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Many of the piping systems that Dave mentions are OK and accepted by code enforcement for above ground use, but not buried water service lines.

Be careful on the black rolled plastic, one is IPS and uses insert fittings and used on irrigation and wells the other is CTS and uses compression fittings and SS inserts, and this is the one for water service (if allowed).

Ask you municipal water supply what they allow.

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