Water filter system for kitchen-HELP!!!

susykSeptember 1, 2010

I intend to put in an under sink water filtration system in my newly remodeled kitchen. I need to make a decision ASAP! The problem is that there are soooo many different systems out there that I don't know which one to choose. My DH refuses to drink anything but bottled water because of the taste of tap water. I don't like tap water because of the chemicals. I need a water filter that gives water a good taste (our tap water tastes like chlorine), and for it to get rid of as many unwanted chemicals as possible. We have six small children at home.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I've read about Espring, Culligan, Aquasana, etc... There's such price difference in them that it seems hard to know which bone to trust.

Please help as my contractor is after me about which system I'm going to use.

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With a family of 8, I'm thinking you'll need a very dependable higher-volume system with good flow-rate and recovery-rate. I would recommend a very good RO system and among those, the Kinetico K5W. It has several unique features that I think would be important to you.

There are two recent posts here that have information about it not found in their literature. Search back few pages on this site and you'll find on page 3 "Kinetico K5 drinking water system questions"; on page 5 you'll find "Kinetico's latest after two weeks."

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You must consult locally, to find out what your tap water is and what you will need to filter.

Internet people can help, after you know more.

You must consult local authorities or experts.
At least one senior person in a top plumbing or faucet store.
At least one senior person in the public water system.

If you just ask for help in general, you will get 10 or 20 ideas, all different, all sounding good.

After weeks of waiting for the right suggestion, you will begin to realize that you need to know a few more facts about your tap water first.


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