Dogs with long coat at the beach?

daggettNovember 16, 2009

I'm going on vacation with my 2 dogs at the beach. I'm concerned about the sand being difficult to remove from their coats or it causing matting. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should I clip them short before I go? I would like to keep their long coats if I can without too much extra work.


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What breed of dogs? My dog has a long coat but it tends to be silky and stuff just doesn't cling to it......except for certain burrs.

I wouldn't clip their coat. Just let them enjoy the beach, brush each evening as needed and then make an appt. at the groomers when you return!

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They are Lowchen. Their coat isn't silky, but not too fuzzy and they don't shed. I keep them in the lion cut which is the traditional cut for the breed.

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The vey best way to remove sand and salt water from your dogs fur is to immerse your dog into fresh water for a good 5 minute swim after each trip to the beach. We often take our dogs to the beach, just before leaving. make sure the dogs have a good swim in the water to rid as much sand from the fur as possible. Then find a fresh water source. It would be best to let the dog swim in a fresh water source, if you dont have that a hose is the next best thing. Be patient it takes awhile to get all the sand particles out of their coats. Dont bath each time that will only serve to dry skin out. A nice warm dip in one of those huge buckets used for football games, or pick one up from a tack and feed store....good luck, have fun at the beach.

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