Do Kohler and Ronbow offer plumbers/suppliers a discount?

cinnamonsworldAugust 31, 2010

There are two vanity tops my husband and I would like to get, from Ronbow and Kohler. Please let me know if either of these companies offers plumbers (or bathroom remodelers or tile installers) a discount vs. the competitive prices I could get a or similar.

If there is a substantial discount, I'll go call my plumber or prospective tile installer and ask one of them to get us an estimate for one (such that he'd get some of the discount and maybe be passing some of it along to us). Otherwise it would be frankly easier to just order the things myself.


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They are manufacturers of products, not wholesalers or retailers. You need to check with plumbing showrooms or supply houses for pricing for the individual products you are considering.

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