Double wye appliance spigot

jonlinkAugust 10, 2014

I've searched all over and I can't seem to find a solution here in the US. I've read here and elsewhere the pros and cons of hooking up a washing machine to a kitchen drain. I know it isn't ideal, but it is honestly the one and only way I can make it work in my VERY tiny condo.

I bought a double wye fitting, figuring I find an appliance spigot or some sort of coupling to attach. No luck so far. In many other parts of the world this isn't novel at all. Unfortunately, I haven't found a company that ships outside the US and I suspect since the rest of the world uses the metric system these would do me no good anyway.

BUT does anyone have any idea where I could find something like this (or make it with a double wye):

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Doesn't meet code in the USA.

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