Different colored cabinets on opposite kitchen walls

Donya2March 7, 2013

Hello - I had seen a similar question on here awhile ago and I'm curious to see if anyone has any suggestions or pictures? I am redoing our kitchen, removing a bi-level breakfast bar peninsula, adding a very narrow, console table-like island, and extending the cabinets/counter on one side. Our cabinets are ok, a warm, medium tone maple stain, that I'd like to keep; however, the manufacturer has changed the stain, and new ones look completely different. With that in mind, we are reusing the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen (by the fridge) to extend the opposite wall, and buying new cabinets for the fridge wall (just the top fridge cabinet, panel and 30" base & 30" top/micro cabinet). But rather than paying to have the existing stain match, I am thinking of just getting cream painted cabinets for the fridge wall (which would match the new cream painted narrow island). The countertops will be light, as will the backsplash (part cream painted bead board, part subway tile), but I'm worried it will look too much like a spilt kitchen, with one half cream (fridge wall and island) and the other half brown (long wall and range wall). If anyone has ideas, pictures, advice, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!

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It's the opposite (we painted white, and added dark stained to opposite wall and the island). My last kitchen

Apologies to all for the picture again.

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Our cabinets on our fridge wall are different from the L opposite (range, sink). I actually really like it--we did it initially because it was a compromise (DH did not want white cabinets, and I wanted white where they could be seen from the rest of the house since all of our other cabinetry is white). While it may not be for everyone, I really love the combination, and I think it would work equally well with stained cabinetry.

I don't have any great photos where you can see both sides well, but it looks roughly like this (cabs are gray and creamy white; colors look a little odd here because I had the lights on in the daytime for the photos, for some reason!):

From the other side:

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Search for Michelle16's kitchen. She does two colors very successfully.

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Rhome has three!

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Thanks so much for the follow up and the pictures! It really helps to see other examples - I was worried it would look "half and half" but I really don't see that in any of the pictures. Would you suggest making sure the cream color ties in somehow on the opposite wall? I'm thinking the light backsplash will do the trick, but wondering if we need to build a cream window cornice or something else to keep the other side from looking too brown and unattached to the other? Thank you!

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Hi, I think you can make it work. : )

I had to look up Michelle16's kitchen and see it, so I'll share the link, too.

Have fun with your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Michelle16's kitchen reveal

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Ours do sort of tie together in that the backsplash tile over our gray cabinets was chosen to mesh with the moulding, which is the same color as the white cabinets--and our appliances are white, though not at all the same white. But that was mostly a side benefit of choosing colors that worked for other reasons. I actually waffle on whether to go with white or stainless when we finally get our new fridge--waiting for the old one to die. But part of me thinks it makes sense to do stainless with the creamy cabinets even though the other appliances are white with the gray cabinets, since then the two sides would be inverses. We'll see!

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