calling all majestic plum pebble tec owners

jenfiandraJanuary 9, 2012

Hi All,

We are going to be digging within the next couple of weeks and I'm so excited! Have been agonizing over a pebbletec color and I think I have narrowed it down to either Tahoe blue or majestic plum but I'm really leaning toward majestic plum. I've found a few pictures but not many and I'm trying to see as many as possible. My pool builder is looking for one that I can see in person but in the meantime, if any of you have any pictures you could post that would be GREAT!! Also, if you have the finish, is the plum/purple color noticeable on your steps or ledge or in the shallow portion of the pool? Thank you so much in advance for your help! I've been lurking on this forum and I think it's awesome : )

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what did you decide on?

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I was looking up some info on pool finishes, pricing, etc and happened to come across this old thread from gardenweb. Thought you guys might find it useful since it is photos of Majestic Purple but back from 08. Beautiful color. Here you go

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Ugh...haven't made a decision yet! Went to see a majestic plum in person and I was not crazy about it so it's definitely out. Glad I saw it in person 1st, it looked nothing like the pictures! My PB has midnight blue in his pool and we loooked at it yesterday and really liked it so I guess it's going to be between that and Tahoe blue??!!! Love Tahoe blue but was wanting to get something a little different, this is really hard!!! I'm also agonizing over paver color and tile color and feel like I need to pick the pebble tec color 1st so I'm at a stand still : ). Are you in the pool build process or are you finished?

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The most popular color is carribean blue. The stone are sand colored but once the water is in it becomes a beautiful blue. It's also a base price color.

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I've spent many a night agonizing over the same things. I wanted a really deep blue with a little touch of emerald. I here that is impossible. The Tahoe blue is pretty, but too light. The most common one around my area seems to be tropical blue either mixed in plaster or a marquis finish. We have decided to go with black. I'm hoping for the best. The actually color is Neirobi in a mini pebble style. I'm still trying to figure out my coping and I am driving my builder crazy with phone call. I am worried if I get flagstone it will have too much of an orange tone to it as to keep down cost, we are just taking what the local rock yard has. I am worried that if I go with white tones it will look ugly against such a dark pool color. It is much more stressful than I planned. I think I'm going to go with a neutral brown, tan, black tile. I am leaning towards stamped concrete coping to look more like a natural area. Good luck to you.

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Wanting to see the Majestic Plum myself... what did you not like about it in person? Because I think the pictures are really pretty but I'm worried about the up close look. What color did you decide on? We are debating MP and Tahoe Blue also.

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Hi MrsM1992 -- when we went to see the majestic plum in person I just noticed that the stones just seemed out of place and stood out with the plaster color. They just didn't seem to blend together. It just didn't look right, in my opinion. The water color was lighter in person than I was thinking it would be. We ended up going with Midnight Blue PT and I have not at all regretted my decision. I LOVE it!! It was an upgrade color but well worth it in my option. I'm going to attach some pictures so you can see the midnight blue. I really suggest you go see pools in person though, it makes a big difference. I would never pick a color without seeing it in person first. There are a few with the sun and a few without sun so you can see the difference.

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