Cost to replumb 1400 sf house w/2.5 bathrooms?

cinnamonsworldAugust 3, 2010

We have a house built in the 1950s with some old water pipes - we're going to get estimates for a complete replumbing and I'm wondering if you have any cost guidelines to advise. (And is that w/copper or some other kind of pipe?)

It's single-level, raised foundation (crawlspace), has a kitchen sink, bar sink, outdoor shower, sprinkler system, and 2 bathrooms (1 has shower, 1 has tub). Leave off faucets cost but assume all lines to them are being replaced. (No sewer-line replacement.) This is in Southern California, with a plumbing company that has been reasonable in the past.

I know costs can vary but any guidelines you can cite would be helpful. Thanks.

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We're remodeling our 1200 sq ft 1924 Bungalow (adding a 2nd story) in Northern CA (Oakland). We're having the 1st floor replumbed with copper pipe (up to fixtures). 1 bath, kitchen, all the external hose bibs (no W/D since that's being moved upstairs). Everything accessible from a decent size crawlspace underneath.

The plumber doing the remodeling work quoted me $2000 for this extra work of replumbing. I had another quote from a well-respected company a few months ago to do this same replumbing work for around $3500.

This doesn't include cost to change the main line coming in from the city water main. We need to change that to a bigger diameter pipe (1") since it's undersized. That is additional, and the quote is around $1800, which includes work to jackhammer and replace some of the sidewalk.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks - we're hearing in the ballpark of $5k, maybe less when the final estimate comes in.

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