My Turn to Build - N. Texas Pool Build

texsun_funJanuary 30, 2011

After years of reading this marvelous site and gathering ideas, we're ready to jump in. I'm anticipating that this whole process will take about 6 months due to construction going on around the pool area. I look forward to the comments, and I'll post pictures as often as things change!


Free form gunite pool, 784 sf, 40x26' at widest points, 12 ton waterfall, 4ft to 9ft, raised 30' perimeter spa, 18" flagstone coping with 2 boulders on beam, Pebblesheen, 10 helical piers under waterfall and deep end

2 HP Jandy E Pump

2 x 160 gpm water feature pumps

3/4 HP booster pump

CV580 Jandy Cartridge Filter

400K Btu Lxi propane heater

EE2500 120K Btu heat pump

Jandy RS-PS8, Jandy Rs PDA, Onetouch, Touchlink

6614AP-1 Jandy Purelink Sub Panel Power Center, 12 breaker base

Jandy Aqua Palm Remote

3 Jandy Water color pool lights

1 Jandy Water color spa light

2 HP Air Blower

Nature 2 Fusion W/Salt

2 brass skimmer lids

Polaris 3900

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I don't think Volleyball will be possible in the deep end. Our pool is rectangular 3 1/2' to 7' deep x 38ft L and Volleyball works, but it is close at the deep end. I would think you need a lot more room in the deep end with that jump rock. The design looks great by the way, just maybe not for Volleyball.

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1) Real rock waterfalls or stained gunite?
2) No diving from that height! There isn't enough room. Someone will smack the wall or the bench.


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1) Real rock
2) Correct - no diving - figure for illustration purposes only. For those crazy enough to try, the nearest bench is 22' from jump rock.

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Not much out door space for direct sun unless you are in the pool, however I see covered patio space. Looks great though.

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"Not much out door space for direct sun..."

True, but in Texas summers, if you're not in the pool, you are seeking shade. There is about 1700 sf of covered porch around the pool. There are several acres behind the pool for those who want to bake.

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texsun fun...I like the courtyard design with covered porch all around and, of course, the natural pool design with waterfall.

Looking forward to seeing your project progress.


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Yep, I hear you. Still nice to have an area to enjoy sun. We are sun worshipers here in Florida. We were not swimming this past weekend but all were sitting by the pool enjoying the great weather of low 70's sitting in the sun. Keep the pics coming. Like I said I love the design.

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NIce pool. Are you sure its real rock? That would be quite a feat of finding and manipulating the boulders for that design! Not that it couldn't be done! Very nice.

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"Are you sure its real rock?"

The pool hasn't been built yet, but I'm quite sure of what I discussed with the pool builder as well as looking at prior pools he's built using real rock. A concrete and brick substructure will be built to form the steps with the front and back walls of the waterfall will be rock "veneer" 2-3' thick.

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The rule here is No Soliciting. That last post is a general solicitation aka SPAM and violates the Terms Of Use you agreed to when you signed on.

Buying over the net is great for the DIYer. Do you bring your own steak to Outback and ask them to cook and serve it to you? Don't expect someone like me (I'm a tech, not a PB) to install or support something I didn't sell but the same holds true for PBs.

Most of the homeowners that come here for advice have a PB involved or are searching for one or are having a technical issue they are trying to understand and want get educated so they don't get taken advantage of by those without ethics.

Contributing is one thing. Changing your profile so people can send you an email via Gardenweb to avoid spam is acceptable. Then they can solicit you.

This is not a free advertising forum. If you want to advertise here, pay for it. GW will gladly put your banner ad up top. If you want free advertising, use Craigs List.


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Here's a few progress shots:

First, delete old pool

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