Bosch 'entry level' dishwashers

bonsMarch 7, 2013

There seem to be so many models of Bosch dishwashers with some stores even having their own 'exclusive' models, I can't decide what to get. And I need to order asap.

Reviews are all over the map, as usual.

I understand they have a smaller/different dish capacity than American brands. I understand that they don't necessarily dry the dishes.

I'm not picky about whether the controls are visible, or if there is a handle or not.

I want Stainless Steel. I'd like to spend under $800.00. I'm only going to be in the house for another couple of years.

What is the advantage, if any, of the stainless tub vs nylon?

Does anyone have a particular model they like?


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I just purchased a Bosch from Lowes. It was black and $599 ( I got it for much less as they priced matched a sale at Sears). The tub is considered a hybrid, mostly SS, some gray plastic.

Only in a few weeks but it is working fine. Only had one item (casserole) that didn't clean well. I run the dw at least once a day. The drying is excellent. You can adjust the rinse aid which I did.

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Entry level units are made in the US. The Appliance forum will have the info you need.

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Wanted to add that the drying without a heating element is much better than my previous Kenmore that had a heating element.

I also don't think the capacity is smaller, it is better organized.

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I have had 2 entry level bosches - had to leave our first behind when we sold our last home. Both have performed perfectly and I am very happy with the latest purchased at best buy for $500 white this time not stainless exterior but stainless tub. First one had all stainless this one the bottom of the tub is plastic. I have experienced no difference in performance and in fact this model has easier to use features including auto cycle which we always use and sanitize rinse which we always use.

We got used to loading disges differently and we can pack a lot if stuff in there and still have it come out clean. Excellent dishwashers!

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If you'd like to save money ask about discontinued models. I wanted a specific model and I was told that it was discontinued. I was also told (but don't quote me) that bosch will release their new models in March. Seems like places would be marking down the discontinued models.

Anyone else know if the new models are coming out?

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I have an entry level Bosch from Lowes. I love love it. One of the differences between entry level and higher level is the noise. Higher levels are less noisy. Ours isn't at all noisy, but I could imagine it could be even quieter.

It does take more planning to load.

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I agree with jansin62 about hearing about how silent the bosch DWs were. Ours is very quiet and sometimes just about silent but it depends on were in the cycle it is. It is definetly not loud or annoying in any way. Just not as silent as I was expecting based on reviews. I'm sure if I paid a few hundred more it would be quieter.

If silence is important for a DW then go with the high end boschs, if very quiet is ok then the entry levels are just fine.

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