BM Philadelphia Cream??

jane__nyMarch 8, 2009

Got a new gallon for free (daughter over-bought). Thinking of using it for my front foyer which has many oak stained doors and woodwork. The foyer is large and opens to the living room. Does this color have yellow tones? How would it work with oak?

Living room is painted BM Smokey Taupe which is a greyish brown - taupe.

I was planning to paint it Shaker Beige, but thinking this might work.



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There is a thread going on the kitchen forum about yellow kitchens. Someone posted a picture of Philadelphia cream used at 50%. I definitely see yellow.

Here is the link.

Scroll down, it was posted by Danielle00

Here is a link that might be useful: yellow kitchens

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Yes, PC is a cream color that's often used for a soft yellow.

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I have it in my LR above the chair rail. I have searched through my pics for some that accurately represent it, and I think these, which were taken with no flash and no lights on, are the ones. I have really enjoyed the warmth of it, while it's quite neutral. It can appear more yellow in artificial light.

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Love your Great Blue !


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In my light it was definitely a light yellow and not a cream. I thought the yellow went a little toward the green or lemon yellow.

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We just sampled it yesterday for DS's room. In our low natural light conditions, it reads as a lemony yellow..definitely a yellow not as butterscotch as the chip shows.

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Thanks, I think I'll give it a try. My foyer has little natural light (sidelights under the roof)so I hope it doesn't appear too yellow. I'll try a section and see if I like it.

I also have a gallon of BM Irresistible? Anyone try that color?


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My aunt has painted much of her home with Philadelphia Cream, definitely yellow-ish, but it's warm and beautiful in her home. Subtle also.

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I'm thinking about using this color for my bathroom. The comments about how it looks in person are helping me decide. I'm leaning toward it more strongly now, so thanks!

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