Bad smell from bathroom sinks

www99August 3, 2008

Our bathroom was remodeled 2 years ago and new sinks and pipes were installed. Now we have a bad earthy "dirt like" smell coming from the bathroom sinks. Rather strong. If you close off the sinks it seems to stop the smell. I shined a flashlight down the sinks and the pipe don't look dirty (only 2 years old).

Water drains fine, no slowness at all.

Toilet flushes fine.

No smell from the tub drain.

I've tried baking soda couple times, but no luck at all. Any suggestions on causes and resolutions?


ps - we are on a septic system that is pumped every 2-3 years (2 in house)

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Try cleaning the sink overflow.

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Not trying to be funny, but how and with what do you recommend cleaning it with?

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Do you use the sinks for anything other than brushing your teeth? Toothpaste is notorius for this problem. I used hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the smell.

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Interesting. That is the only thing the sinks are basically used for, other than of course the occasional hand washing. Do you just pour straight Hydrogen Peroxide down the drain, or try to coat the pipes with it? By the way, any particular brand the culprit. I'm a Crest Fan! Not a lot of Hot Water gets to this side of the house too if that needs to be taken into consideration.

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Fill the sink with straight hot water until it flows through the overflow.
Let it run for about 5-10 minutes.

A bottle brush can also be used but be careful not to chip the edges of the opening.

Pouring a little chlorine bleach right at the opening for the overflow while the water runs through for a few minutes also helps.

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I've had a bad smell coming from my sink. Last fall I pured Liquid Plumber in, let it set and flushed it down. I poured vinegar (straight) in, let it set and flushed it down. I used bleach and flushed it down. Each time, after a day the smell came back. We left for 3 months this winter and when we came back there was no smell. Now,after a week it started again; I poured Simple Green in the sink-straight so it would set in the goose neck pipe underneath; then flushed with HOT water in about an hour. Smell went away, then 2 days later it is back again. Now...I am thinking that because it's an earthy/moldy smell,, could it be a broken pipe underneath and the insulation is wet and rotten ... could that be it? We also remodeled that bathroom 4 years ago and had a new sink put in, but not new plumbing. HELP PLEASE! We use Mentadent toothpaste, but rinse it well with warm water afterwards. Our other bathroom has never been remodeled and hubby uses it every day and it doesn't smell at all.

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