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alyx_cJanuary 2, 2013

Hi All, Should I let the depth go from 3.5' or just make it 4.5' all the way across? If I go to 4.5' will another step be needed? What is the max distance per step? Since I am using the small mosaic glass tiles should I just highlight the steps or make them completely in the tile? The plaster will be white, we are very confused about this. We are told it does not hold up that well, like 10 yrs -VS- the diamond brite which willl last around 14 yrs. But to use Diamond bright on only 24x10.5' of the pool is a extra $3600.00 and this seems excessive to me. I cannot seem to justify it.

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You will definitely need an additional step. The A.N.S.I. code calls for a maximum step riser of 12".
It is also helpful to have some slope from the shallow to deep end of the pool, even in a short pool. It makes the pool cleaner a little more effective.
Trim tile on the steps creates a nice look and the white plaster makes it stand out. Trim tile doesn't stand out as well with any dark diamond brite colors.
Good luck.

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Just today I was telling my PB I thought we were going to need a step even going into the tanning deck. He told me 6" of water is "normal" but I want 9", then 3" more of tile, plus the travertine coping took us to 13" to step in. I had not realized till he put it that way. So would the same rule apply on the tanning deck?

So in the rest of the pool we will have two steps from the tanning ledge and go from 3" to 4'6". Thank you for your help! :-)

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So is Diamond Bright good for pools?

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Diamond Brite is a somewhat higher aggregate plastered finish. The quartz dust replaces much of the marble dust that plaster uses. It is harder to stain for a longer period than plaster by a number of years, in most cases. It also costs more. It's made by SGM Plaster.


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We got a quote for the Diamond bright and it's an extra $3600 on 10x25 since the rest of tahe pool is all tile.

have you heard of this "new" glass plaster? I'd love to hear any opinions. Thanks, Alyx

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I abhor any glass near a pool, including Bead Crete.


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Why? Does that mean you have heard of this glass plaster? I cannot imagine what it is. The other 10x10 of the pool is a tanning ledge and we are doing it in the thin moasic glass tile which will also be the waters edge tile around the pool. The gunite went in today and the pool is fully formed. Due to much needed rain nothing but plumbing will be done till next week.

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The only "glass plaster" finish I know of is Bead Crete (or is it Krete?).

Whenever glass fractures, sharp edges follow. The bits are nearly invisible. It's owned by Pebble Tec and applied similarly but as far as I am concerned, glass is glass and any glass near a pool is dangerous.


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Scott, Thanks for your response. I will pay close attention when he gives me the proper name. He knows I will ask and he knows I have small grandkids that will use the pool. Alyx

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I've installed Beadcrete on pools and it's a great product....I just urge you that if you go that route, go 100% glass and not one of their glass/stone mixtures for aesthetic reasons. It can be gorgeous!

I value Scott's opinions on this board, but glass interiors for pools is an amazing option if the budget allows and the install is done correctly. See "sea of glass" in November's issue of Pool and Spa News.

"glass is glass and any glass around pools is dangerous" is far from accurate. Glass bottles on the decking cannot be viewed as equally dangerous as a glass tile interior or beadcrete interior. Thats just not fair to imply


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There was a sign at a customers pool that said

"No glass or bathing suits allowed in the pool"

As a general rule no glass around the pool is a good rule, however glass and sand are basically the same material if its been tumbled or rounded. Its all silica.

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Here in the Northeast, freezing temps and glass is begging and demanding problems. That is and always will be my biggest bugaboo in this area.


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I have yet to see a beadcrete finish in person but think it would be an awesome finish. A few years ago our plasterer busted up a bunch of green beer bottles, ran them through a tumbler and made a big sample board. It was surprising how smooth it was. Once you get past the concept that glass is always sharp it becomes easier to appreciate the gem quality the appearence offers.

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