Searching for wall-mounted basin faucet with 4' spout projection

edauphinAugust 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I posted this in the bathrooms forum, but I think my question might be more technical, so I am posting here as well and apologize for cross-posting. I need help finding a wall-mounted basin faucet (ideally a mixer) with a projection of (ideally) 4.33". I have looked everywhere for weeks online and in plumbing and showroom stores in the Toronto and New Jersey areas. I have a tiny powder room in an old Victorian house and trying to maximize my use of space. Since the house is very old, I don't want anything too ultra modern looking, but I have a wide range of styles I am willing to consider if only I can find the faucet projection I need. The sink measures (back to drain center) 110mm (4.33"). Is it possible to buy a spout and handles separately? How can I handle this situation? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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a teensy sink? you want the tap water to go straight into the drain? Four and a third inches exactly? Plus or minus a titch?

A spout that has a style to go with a Victorian style house? Have i got it all? You didn't mention the handle style. And whether the single mixer handle has to be in a certain spot. Or if there have to be two handles.

call for to ask what they recommend for a wall mount basin/lavatory faucet

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Chicago Faucets have no spouts under 6" that I could find. If there is a model you're referring to, I'd be happy to have a look. I didn't mention handle style. All I'm trying to say is that I am looking for a spout that is (ideally) 4.33 or so inches long. If anyone can actually help, I'd be obliged.

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i suppose i would resort to emailing a short query to 10 or 20 manufacturers.

"shortest projection wall lavatory faucet"

Kohler has a K-2443 (discontinued, but available) which you install wherever you wish, inside a shelf that you build to suit your space. In a tiny space, a shelf is your friend. The k-2443 has a single-handle temperature mixer; this is good for mixing cold cold Lake Ontario water with hot water from your tank. The k-2443 is SO short it's invisible. Your shelf projects the distance you want it to. (Another product the k-2440 is a ready made shelf. Another product is a ready made medicine cabinet, into which you may put this invisible faucet.) Web search "K-2440" "K-2443" outside Kohler's web site. When you open the PDF documents you can see how simple the faucet is, and therefore how easy it is to install in any shelf / tablet / support / that you design to fit your space. It's modular.

Aquabrass has a Blok faucet. It is also a shelf with a faucet integrated into it. The shelf is made of Corian, which cuts like wood, so you can reduce the dimensions of the shelf if you want it to be smaller. Several versions.

Dornbracht has a Corian shelf with a faucet integrated into it. Elemental Spa. Two versions.

I know many companies that would have no problem cutting any spout down to a smaller size and rechroming it for you.


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Hey, edauphin, any luck finding a normal looking faucet? I'm looking for one too.

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Got it edauphin. A little gooseneck by Kohler

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler 7302 Triton Gooseneck lav faucet

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You could also try the Kohler Purity and Stillness lines, or the Brizo Trevi, which project about 5.5 inches. I'm going with the Brizo because it was more than $200 cheaper than the Kohlers, try eBay or Amazon. Not using the Triton gooseneck because I thought it looked institutional - supposed to be "vandal-resistant" - maybe description put me off.

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