Softener code RL

zl700August 29, 2012

I have a 7000SXT softener head. What does "RL" stand for? It flashes between this and the time, first time I've noticed this.

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Sounds like the AC power was interrupted to the softener.

Reset the time (pay attention to AM-PM) and see if that corrects the problem.

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It is is AC power interruption then by pressing any button the 7000 the display should stop flashing.

If pressing any button doesn't stop the flashing go int to the programming and reset the clock.

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That appears to be it thanks.
Forgot I threw a few breakers looking for the outdoor circuit.
Weird that everything is in the manual that a homeowner shouldn't know but RL isn't.

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You might think about putting your softener on a small computer UPS to eliminate power spikes and drop-outs. Protects the softener motor and electronics too.

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It's outside, but I do have a surge protector on the circuit panel. I aways thought the transformer on a low voltage unit gave some protection also? It did keep the time with battery backup, and kept functioning, just kept flashing RL.

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A good surge-spike protector affords some (but usual minimal) protection against spikes but no protection against power drop-outs.

The flashing display was to alert you that the power had been interrupted. Most contemporary electronic softener control valves will continue to keep time internally using a small coin cell or a cap.

I'd rather not even think about it so I use a UPS on my softener and UPS units do wonders to keep cable and satellite DVRs happy too... especially when you get those micro second power blips that reset a DVR and goof up a recording in progress.

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Exactly I'm not too worried about losing power to a softener, it will still function. Being in the south I don't plan on putting a UPS outside with the softener. Power is solid here, moved my generator that used to get used 4-10 days a year in the north, haven't used it in Houston for 5 years.

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Power is solid here too... except the power blips (drop-outs) that require resetting clocks and creates holes in DVR recordings while they reboot from those micro-drops.

I never have to check in the garage whether the power to my softener has been interrupted but you have to go outside to check whether the power to your softener has been interrupted... right?

Placing a UPS outside is no big deal and EZ to do. Some UPS units are barely larger than a quality surge-spike protector.

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I was having some pool work done and using lots of water. So when I went to hit the generation button to make sure I was at full capacity the next day is was when I noticed it. Time was still correct with backup battery so once i hit a button RL went away. It sits outside by the AC condensers where my water service and irrigation stuff is. Never a prob in 5 years since I installed, so all is good. I don't get any blips in my power here either, except for during an occasional storm.

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