Plumbing issue re: my newly remodeled bathroom

sabrinafloridaAugust 5, 2010

Our remodel on our tiny master bath is almost complete. It just needs another coat of paint (the contractor said the paint dried so fast that he couldn't smooth down his brush strokes--after my husband told him we didn't like the way the walls look, he said he will repaint with a roller)...AND it looks like I will need to do my own grout haze removal as the contractor says he has already gotten rid of the haze, but I can see the haze very distinctly.

But about the plumbing! When we flush the toilet, we can hear the water gurgle in the sink pipes, and we can see the residual water around the sink drain percolate a tiny bit.I'm concerned about this--should I be?? If we flush the toilet several times in a row (which we did after first noticing the gurgling and percolating), there seems to be some kind of pressure equalization and the sink no longer gurgles/percolates with flushing.

I posted this to the Bathroom forum first, then saw there was a Plumbing forum and decided to cross-post.Thanks for any information you can give me.

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Is this new or modified plumbing?
It sounds like a venting (or lack there of) issue.

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randy427, we had half of our house (the half with the 2 bathrooms) replumbed at the same time we had this remodel done. So it's an old house, but with new plumbing.

Somebody on the Bathroom forum suggested I post on the plumbing forums of Terry Love, which I did, and there seems to be agreement that this is a venting issue. This was a gut remodel down to the studs--sure hope this is something that can be fixed without tearing out a wall! Thanks for your input.

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Was the new waste/vent system pressure tested as required? If so, they may have left a test cap on the vent thru the roof.


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Did you use a licensed, experienced plumber? It should have been a pretty simple job for one. Hopefully you got a permit if needed. Not that I'm real big on that, but if it was a "legitimate" install the inspector will get the plumber back. The inspector will also tell you what's wrong.

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