Venting a Basement Bathroom

SeasnarkAugust 18, 2013


I have spent quite a bit of time reading the Ontario Building code as well as looking at a number of sites and finally decided the right thing to do was to ask here.

I am putting in a basement bathroom and the venting is a real pain. For a matter of scale, the bathroom is about 9' x 7' with the 9' dimension measuring from the WC down to the Soil Stack.

My question is, will the diagram as attached be acceptable and if so, would I be okay if I removed the 1 1/2" vent and ran the whole thing off the 2" vent.

Thanks all

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The vent for the WC is too far away to serve for the vanity.
The shower drain must also be vented.
The vent lines may not come horizontally off of the drain line.

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Thanks for the response Randy. So basically all three must be individually vented. As for the horizontal vents, I assume you mean they need to be above the horizontal centre line of the drain. If this is what you meant, I am aware of this, just didn't do a great job of showing it in my crude diagram.

Thanks for the help.

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See if your location allows what is known as Philadelphia single stack venting.

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