What kind of sealant to use for special finish faucet?

bobjeannieAugust 28, 2012

I am installing new faucets in Master Bath. They are a designer line. I looked at the warranty which stated:

"Many installation compounds are harmful to brass and metal finishes. The use of any lead-based or acidic curing adhesive, silicone, mastic or plumbers putty on or near our finish products will void the warranty. Use only sealants which are neutral curing and are not reactive with metal and brass finishes".

I called the manufactures customer service to ask what product they recommended. They would not give the name of any product. Does anyone know a product that fits their criteria of "only sealants which are neutral curing and are not reactive with metal and brass finishes"? I don t want to void the warranty.


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I'd call back and ask for technical service line to get a response. What brand are these things, anyhow?

You might not need any sealant under the faucets. Often there's an o-ring that makes the seal to the counter surface.

As for the drain, not sure. Might ask if silicone II is ok. Or see if you can find a vinyl washer from an old fashioned hardware store and use that in leau of sealant. (I would just use "stain-free" plumber's putty and be done with it, such as the one that's ok to use with marble, etc.)

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Thanks homebound, I'm getting a Sigma Faucet but the same clause is also found in the warranties of Newport Brass, Altman's, Watermark to name a few that I saw when I Googled the phrase.

Since the warranty says do not use plumber's putty I'm leery of that but maybe I don't need a sealant. I will be using Sigma faucets in the shower too however, so they may require a sealant.

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